WV-01:Dem Incumbent Mollohan and Challenger Oliverio Produce Conflicting Polls

In a previous diary a few days ago I posted about how Mike Oliverio, Democratic state senator running against Alan Mollohan, produced polls showing him in the lead with less than 3 weeks left before the West Virginia primary elections.

The Hill's Ballot Box reported this:

The poll, which was conducted by in-state pollster Orion Strategies, shows Oliverio surging to an eight-point lead on the incumbent, 41-33. A couple months ago, Mollohan led 41-31

Mollohan's campaign manager didn't believe the validity of these results. I don't know how they extrapolated those numbers," said Pam Van Horn, Mollohan's campaign manager.(Parkersburg News)

Mollohan and his campaign thus released their polls, conducted by FrederickPolls in Arlington.

The Mollohan poll by FrederickPolls of Arlington, Va., was done Wednesday and Thursday and surveyed by telephone 400 Democrats and independents who were asked if the election were today, for whom would they vote, Van Horn said.

Forty-five percent said they'll vote for Mollohan, 36 percent were for state Sen. Michael Oliverio and 19 percent were undecided, she said.

Source: Parkersburg News

A full statement regarding the polling data can be found here

A link pulled from the Charleston Gazette detailing Oliverio's polling data can be seen here

This race has the potential to get heated in the coming days.



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