Schwarzenegger's Quandry

Arnold Schwarzenegger, former body-builder and Austrian Movie-star extraordinaire, is winding down his stint as Governator of the great state of California.. and not much to show for fiscally.  Schwarzenegger has had many problems when it comes to not personally, just for the state of California as a whole.  No big deal right?

The Gov. is now doing what LA Times has coined "holding the budget ransom" because certain demands of his have yet to be made in order to sign off on the new budget for the state.

With fewer than 140 days left in office, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is making a final stand for goals that have eluded him for nearly seven years, clinging to an overdue state budget for a last bit of leverage before he fades from relevancy.

Already, the state's budget is 54 days overdue. But Schwarzenegger has said he won't sign a spending plan until the Legislature retrofits the broken fiscal system that has bedeviled California — and him — for years.

He is demanding cutbacks in public pensions, a new constraint on spending and an overhaul of the way the state collects taxes. If those conditions go unmet, Schwarzenegger has said, he will leave the budget in his successor's lap.

LA Times

I don't think Schwarzenegger has to worry about damaging his fiscal history, he's done plenty of that the past 7 years.  

His proposed wishes for the budget are his last ditch effort to "save the state."  California itself has suffered under the Arnold Administration.  Its a bit late to be trying to reconcile and make things right to save the state don't you think Arnie?  I mean, 140 days left in office and the budget is still 54 days overdue?  Good luck saving it in 140 days.  This isn't a terminator apocalypse, you can't use weapons and raw beef power to overcome the harrowing obstacles that your state faces.  




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