New North Korea Sanctions: Where to go From Here?


North Korea seems like the mecca of rogue states in this day and age.  The US has imposed several sanctions on the country itself, and other countries aren't stranger to this action either, but little headway has been made in reaching any sort of agreements or peace declarations between the two countries.

Al-Jazeera reported earlier that the US will impose new sanctions on North Korea in hopes of deterring illegal money sharing to finance nuclear arsenals throughout the state.  North Korea's people have been through hell most likely their entire lives.  I genuinely feel for the citizens of the country that wish to live a normal life, one not under the quasi-omnipotent watchful eyes of Kim Jong-Il and his regime.  Its sad to read about, and even sadder to see, how poorly the citizens of the country are treated and how malnourished and abused they are.  

But what is the United States to do aside from sanctions?  This seems to be the age-old question in regards to the present-day North Korea (yes I realize that statement is borderline oxymoronic).


The United States will impose new sanctions on North Korea in a bid to stem its nuclear weapons ambitions, Hillary Clinton, the US secretary of state, said.

Clinton said the measures were designed to stamp out illegal money-making ventures used to fund the nuclear programme.

"They are directed at the destabilising, illicit, and provocative policies pursued by that government,'' she said.

"These measures are not directed at the people of North Korea, who have suffered too long due to the misguided priorities of their government,'' Clinton said after talks with defence and military officials in South Korea on Wednesday.


Source:  Al-Jazeera

No, the measures aren't directed at the people of North Korea.. but ultimately they are the ones who unfortunately are forced to put up with the drunken disorderly that is Kim Jong-Il.  His cognac binges and careless disregard for humanity as a whole leaves his now staggering population even worse off than what they already were before.

This tone may suggest I disagree with the sanctions imposed, but that is not true.  I agree with sanctioning North Korea, but feel as though it has little effect with governing their actions as a government.  Being that they run a closed-economy and 9 times out of 10 will not accept even emergency aid from groups like the UN, what is the US to do?  


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