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With the increase in claims of "Socialism!" by the right-wing and tea-party nuts, the concept of Soviet Russia always comes in to play.  Most people I come in contact with, sadly enough, don't realize that Russia itself is not a socialist nation anymore.  No folks, this ended with the Soviet Union's collapse nearly 20 years ago.  The undeserved rage ensues from those uneducated enough to open a world-fact book and realize that Russia is a Semi-presidential Federal Republic (or some variation of those words).

With that all being said, a quick look at the Council on Foreign Relations site ( has brought about some unique viewpoints towards the United States relations with the Russians.

As many remember, Joe Biden claimed that the U.S. wanted to "push the reset button on US-Russian relations."  I personally liked this a lot.  Russia, although has had some trouble transitioning from a socialist state to a more democratic one, I believe is trying to distance itself from its totalitarian past.

Heres a blurb from an interview with consulting editor of Bernard Gwertzmann

More than a year ago, Vice President Joseph Biden made a speech saying the United States wanted to "reset" relations with the Russians. Has this worked?

The atmosphere of the relationship is certainly very different. If you remember the kind of nastiness of the late Bush administration and the end of Vladimir Putin's presidency, and the anger created by the Russian-Georgian War in August 2008, the starting point was very low. The administration thought that it could get results faster than has proved to be feasible, not just in the area of arms control. They worked hard on getting Russian cooperation as a transit country for getting supplies into Afghanistan, and that eventually started to work but has taken a long time.

President of Russia (albeit in name only) Dmitry Medvedev and Barack Obama have had several talks in the beginning parts of Obama's administration and things seem to be going somewhat more smoothly than the previous administration.  Talks have resumed for instituting a new version of the START initiative (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty) due to Bush's need to put missile interceptors in the Czech Republic and elsewhere (this angered Russia quite a bit.)

Our Russian relations have come a long way from George W. Bush's method of bludgeoning other countries over the head with a hammer resembling the American flag.

The one road block, it seems, is Mr. Vladimir Putin himself.  Due to a pretty large loophole in the Russian Constitution, a president cannot serve more than 2 consecutive terms.  This means that a person elected president could theoretically take a break for a year, then run again for 2 more terms.  This is likely the route Putin will choose to take.  Putin himself is a very mysterious, authoritative man and only time will tell what he chooses to do.

For now, The United States and Russia could use each other to combat Iranian nuclear threats.  Lets distance ourselves from referring to Russians as socialists, because it is simply not true.

до свидания

for the full interview check this link



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