Homosexuality Yields Bestiality: J.D. Hayworth's Campaign Strategy


A part of me wants to still be surprised when I see a headline to an article that reads "Gay Marriage Law Could Produce Man-Horse Nuptials," but unfortunately I am not (the headline being a quote of course).

I used to think that these types of crazies who would utter such nonsense were small in number, but this too seems to be an unfair assumption.  

It is understandable to be opposed to gay marriage.  However, it is unacceptable to be so close-minded about the idea.  Society has changed and social norms from 50 years ago may not apply in the present time.  This whole slippery-slope mentality that many on the far right wing seem to be sharing nowadays is a bit disturbing.  Equating something like gay marriage to sexual intercourse with animals is an insult to the homosexual community.  

Okay Mr. Hayworth, you believe homosexual marriage is wrong.  That's fine.  Everyone cannot be expected to agree on this issue (especially most Republicans), but substantive and politically correct arguments should be used and not knee-jerk political smears.

I have this fantasy where a political election would be comprised of individuals who run intelligent and passionate campaigns that speak the truth, and whose candidates truly care about what they are running for and hoping to represent.  People like Mr. J.D. Hayworth continue to grind this idea into the ground with the soles of their shoes.


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true Iowa story

So I know two women who have twin boys. About a year ago, when the twins were about 4 or 5, one of them announces that when he grows up, he wants to marry two girls so that his kids can also have two mommies.

OMG, gay marriage really will lead to polygamy!!!

by desmoinesdem 2010-03-15 07:14PM | 1 recs
RE: Homosexuality Yields Bestiality: J.D. Hayworth's Campaign Strategy

Hey, Chuckie. Welcome to MyDD.

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