GOP Senate Candidate Suggests Abolishing Dept. Of Energy, Education

I mentioned John Raese in a post just a few days back.  He is the GOP Candidate for the US Senate special election in West Virginia.  Robert C. Byrd's vacated seat is up for grabs.  Raese is running against Current West Virginia Governor, Joe Manchin.  

Raese hasn't been shy about his staunchly conservative background, and made it known even more in an interview with the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review earlier this week.  

Raese would advocate paying for tax cuts by eliminating the federal departments of Education and Energy and the Internal Revenue Service, along with such other cuts as freezing federal workers' salaries for a year. In place of the IRS — whose agents he said would be of better use guarding the U.S.-Mexico border — he supports either a flat income tax or a national sales tax.

(Source:  Pittsburgh Tribune-Review)


Raese coins the token position of Conservative "Almost-Jesus" Ronald Reagan when posting his views on the aforementioned departments. Reagan apparently wanted to abolish the department of Education as Raese claims.  In the interview, he is quoted as saying:

"What does the Department of Energy do?  I don't know.  Does it drill any wells?  Does it mine any coal? ... do we need it? No."

It might be helpful, Mr. Raese, to know a little bit about the Departments of the Federal Government that you want to get rid of.   Raese is currently trailing Joe Manchin (D) by a slim margin of a -2 spread, according to polling compiled on RCP.  Manchin had previously held a sizable lead, but in the last few months that lead has dwindled and the Governor is now having to play catch-up.


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