A Haitian Situation: Wyclef Jean Receives Death Threats On Eve of Electoral Commission Decision

The destruction of Haiti after the enormous earthquake need not even be mentioned a lot of times due to the fact that most people already are aware of the magnitude of destruction to the small, impoverished nation.  

Hip-hop artist and producer Wyclef Jean, a Haitian born star who currently resides in the U.S., announced his intent to run for president of Haiti a few weeks ago.  This created a lot of buzz due to the fact that Jean has been in the news since the quake, helping with the relief efforts and mobilizing support in the states to help his home country during this catastrophic event.

According to Huffington Post, some aren't taking the news of him running for president so well.  

 Haiti - Hip hop artist Wyclef Jean said he was in hiding Tuesday after receiving death threats as he and more than 30 other potential candidates for Haiti's presidency waited to find out if they would be allowed to run in the November election.

The musician disclosed the threats in a series of e-mails to The Associated Press, revealing few details. Jean said he was told to get out of Haiti and that he was in hiding in a secret location in the Caribbean country.

It has not even been established that Wyclef Jean is even eligible for the office yet.  The results have yet to be made public by the Haitian electoral commission, known as the CEP

Haiti's Constitution requires candidates to have lived in the country for the five consecutive years before the election. Jean knew his U.S. upbringing could be a roadblock to his candidacy, but has said his appointment as a roving ambassador by President Rene Preval in 2007 exempts him from the residency requirement.

Huffington Post, pulled from AP

Normally, I'm not too fond of celebrities seeking political office.  Most of the time the entire concept of their decision to run is misguided and they are in it more for the fame and prestige boosters, rather than to actually help benefit those they represent. 

I'm not sure about Wyclef, but he could be a potential strength for Haiti in this time of need.  It will be interesting to watch the rest of this process unfold.

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