Strategy Memo: 4 Things We Need To Hammer Home, To Win

We've got to go on the attack, folks.  We were winning this thing a week ago, remember?  Here's four things that we need to hammer home in every conversation we have with swing voters and republicans, members of the press and in our comments on other blogs.  

The basic idea behind these four points is: attack their strengths...

The Palin picked wiped the McCain "don't know how many houses he's got" story off the news radar.  We need to bring it back.  Palin's got 3 houses, which makes a total of 11 houses between them.

It was the beginning of a successful 'elitist' theme which was taking hold for the Obama campaign.  Palin's folksy demeanor has helped defuse this, but we need to be Rovian here:  keep insisting that McCain/Palin is elitist and out of touch until it becomes accepted as fact (which it is, of course).  

By Alaskan standards, the Palin's are quite well off, having used personal favors to achieve that (wouldn't be surprised if the first dude's cushy oil company gig came about in a shady way either).

McCain, needles to say, is extremely wealthy, wears expensive clothes, etc.  You get the idea. He's an autocratic repub through and through.  

McCain's supporting a failed Iraq strategy and continually voting for measures that are against the best interest of the troops -  his torture cave-in being most notable - needs to be turned into a meme that plays against his strength of being seen as a patriot.  What kind of man serves his country and then returns, only to legislatively betray the fighting men and women he previously served with?  A typical politician.  A dishonorable man.

Yup.  It's a tough line to take...but remember what they did to Kerry?  He's a patriot too.  

His temperment is legendary - in a bad way.  We need to bring out his tantrums - such as calling his wife a trollop at a press conference - and hint what is likely the truth: 5.5 years of torture rendered him an angry, vengeful man who lets his anger get in the way of good judgement.  

Renewable energy.  He's been giving this lip service far too long and we need to expose his not even showing up for recent important votes in the Senate on renewable energy, as well as his support of measures that clearly favor oil companies.  Of course, there are a plethora of other issues on which he's flip flopped: torture being perhaps the one with the best political capital right now.  

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