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    This is why I liked when Hillary Clinton, in essance, said she would do anything to beat the Republican including opting out of Public Financing, which she would have certainly done as well if she were the nominee.

    It was a mistake for Obama to take that sort of pledge, and he'll get some short term flack for taking it back, but this is absolutely the right decision. The RNC and Republican 527's will be out in full force. Expect some kind of swiftboat campaign to come along, if not more than one. Obama has to fight back against rediculous rumors of the likes no Presidential candidate has faced in modern history.

    Want campaign finance reform, that lets get real campaign finance reform. Don't expect our candidate to be nice and bow while he or she is taking it in both ends, one from the RNC, the other from Interest groups.

  • Chafee is certainly a less offensive Republican pick than an anti-Women anti-civil-rights Republican like Chuck Hagel, but lets leave the Republicans out of it all together. Also why are some enamored by picking someone who lost their last major political race (Dascle for instance).

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    Wonderful diary. I too am a former Hillary supporter that calls for party unity. Today I feel better about being Democrat than I have been in my entire young life. I'm so proud.

  • I was an ardent Hillary supporter, and before Iowa when the field was packed Obama ranked as just my forth or fifth place favorite of the lot. Still I will do me best to support Obama in the general election. It's too important to get a Democrat in the White House.

    I urge emotional Clinton supporters riling against Obama, many of which have a stronger more personal connenction to Hillary than I do, to just take a two or three week vacation from politics and settle down a bit. Stay away from blogs, cable news, anything political. Keep Hillary in your hearts, but try to let you hatred of Obama go. Ignore the vile stuff on the internet about Hillary. Those people don't represent Obama's message, understand that. Go outside, take a trip, or take up a new hobby. Come back in a few weeks and I bet you'll feel a little better about Obama's candidacy. He won't be my favorite person I've ever voted for either, but he's still far better for this country than McCain.

  • Olberman is dead to me due to the shameless way he has been acting during this primary season. For that matter so is the Daily Kos. There's no reason for me to have anything to do with either of those ever again.

    But I'm a loyal Democrat and will support, donate, and vote for the Obama. Those Obama supporters who continue to act like jackasses and are dancing on Hillary's grave, you are only hurting your candidate. I found the update in the thread infact somewhere along the line of that. It's shameless, and unecessary.

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    Hillary Clinton is both a loyal Democrat and pragmatic about her future, both are reasons she will endorse Obama at the very latest early next week. And I trully believe she'll work her heart out to get Obama elected. She and her husband will be a valuable asset on the campaign trail.

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    I expect an official endorment ceremony is coming sometime next week, but it wouldn't shock me if it comes as early as this week either. I'm guession it will be either somewhere in Pennsyvania or Ohio.

  • I would also say Hillary bashers are also not worthy of being called Democrats.

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    Clinton supporters, who I used to be of and still am in many ways in spirit, need to stop saying Obama can't win. Now I think Hillary Clinton has a good arguement right now that she would be more electable. She outperforms Obama against McCain in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and by a large margin in Florida. However Obama certainly can win OH, and should be favored to win PA, though I think FL is almost out of reach.

    Obama can put into play Colorado, Virginia, possibly North Carolina. I think some of his supporters are kind of in la la land thinking he can change the map dramatically (like competing in Mississippi or Alaska), but Clinton supporters should look to where he can change the map, and not assume the swing states will be exactly the same as the last two elections. I still think the electoral college looks better for Hillary, primarily due to OH and FL, but stop saying Obama can't win, because he certainly can.

  • Great diary. I would say clearly say that's it's more on Obama supporters than Clinton supporters to begin to unite the party. Obama to his great credit has done his part in the last few weeks, being very gracious to Clinton and her supporters, talking about the historic tough campaign she has run. However many Obama supporters still take vitriol towards Clinton, lieing and using sexist language. Those people have be reigned in, or at least greatly diminished, or the cycle will continue.

    Clinton supporters need to take responsibility too and stop demonizing Obama in rediculous ways, but the onus in uniting has to begin with the supporters of the almost certain winner. It's easier to be a gracious winner than a gracious loser. Treat Hillary Clinton with the respect she has earned and deserves. She has broken barriers for our daughters, sisters, and mothers, don't forget that.

  • I'm not going to get too excited yet. I don't think this be in the top five of potential Democratic pickups. In the end those with such logevity in politics are almost always reelected, often times by some of the largest margins you'll see. Stevens probably won't get reelected by a wide margin, but I think enough people will come to him and say, "well he may be a corrupt polician, but he's our corrupt politician, and he's been good to us and we'll give him another term." I hope he goes down, but I don't think it's happening.

  • to the point that Hagel should even for a microsecond be concidered for Obama's VP? That would be suicide for the Democratic ticket. I and many loyal Democrats would not vote for Obama if that happened.

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    I stopped supporting NARAL when they endorsed Chris Shays and another CT Republican (who lost) in 2006. Obviously it's their right to push their interest even if it's at times for the party that generally doesn't support their cause, and I respect a lot of what they have done, but my money is going elsewhere.

  • I agree. Picking a Clinton supporter would be a good way to bridge the gap. Someone at the convention that could say "I supporter Senator Clinton in the Primary, and Now I am honored to be the Vice Presidential candidate for our Nominee Senator Obama." Wesley Clark is my personal favorite pick.

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    A few reasons I don't think this will happen, and I have been a Clinton supporter who only recently officially switched to Obama

    -She probably doesn't want it. This is the biggest issue and a deal breaker in itself if it's true. She could be Senate Majority or Governor of New York someday, or run again in 2012 if Obama were to lose. I don't see her wanting to be Obama's number 2.

    -Too much change. I agree it's near impossible for Richardson to be VP with a Black-Brown ticket, but I also think we should be concerned about pushing a Black-Woman ticket as well. I think this issue is something that we could get past, but I think politics says it will be a white male VP.

    -She will overshadow him. I think there's a danger in running a campaing where in any day your running mate could overshadow you in the news cycle. And if elected as President any day, or week, or month, more attension might be paid to your VP that you, the President of the United States. Not a super healthy way to run a country.

    I don't think Clinton's bagage, or the differing  message, or some of the things Clinton has said about Obama, are as big of issues. They probably could be overcome. But the reasons above are probably why it's a less than 10% chance it actually happens.

    PS: Ff Hagel is VP I will not vote Democratic in 2008. Sorry a Republican or former Republican that just recently changed parties is a deal breaker. I said the same thing about Kerry if McCain was his VP in 2004. I have voted striaght Democrat in every election since 2002, but I will not vote for Obama-Hagel. Obama-Bloomberg would be tough, but at least that I could eventualy support.


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