Checking FL votes and voters

[I don't have the resources to start this beyond emailing MoveOn/ACT/etc., but I wonder if people think it'd be a good idea...]

Florida has some counties in which Democratic registration numbers and Kerry votes appeared to be reversed (I assume you guys have heard about this; I wouldn't be surprised if it took place elsewhere as well, like Ohio). For example, a county with 4,000 registered voters, a 3:1 Democratic-registration edge, and 3,000 voters on election day would probably be expected to produce about 2,250 Kerry votes and about 750 Bush votes. Maybe Bush gets a few more if it's rural Democrats in the reddening South, maybe Kerry gets a few more if Democrats are angrier at the incumbent. But there are more than a few counties in which Bush seems to have made astonishingly effective inroads into the Democratic base - and in light of the volume of screwy votes and discrepancies between exit polls and vote tallies, especially on electronic machines/servers, this begs for some investigation, and I think you guys are uniquely positioned to do it.

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Survey of tide-turning moments

I saw the New York Times had a survey of bloggers' comments about the moments in the race that turned the tide one way or the other, and had to contribute my own. Well, not to the Times, because I'm not a blogger (a guy who occasionally shoots off snark on blogs, yes, but an actual blogger with my own blog, no); on the other hand, it didn't exactly happen this way. But it sure felt like it when I thought about it:

The moment I'd like to see get more attention was when Kerry walked over to Bush's podium and grabbed him by the lapels and shook him with a quick rough twitch. "You think Iraq's going well?" said Kerry, his voice dangerously low and impossible to ignore. "You think we're winning the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people? You seen any cakewalks lately?" Bush could only nod blankly.

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