Chris Carney: I Will Not Be Silenced

[By Chris Carney]

The following was my statement yesterday regarding Don Sherwood's secret settlement of the $5.5 million assault lawsuit filed against him by Cynthia Ore:

Don Sherwood promised us that he would represent our family values in Washington.  While he has settled his lawsuit, he has irrevocably broken his trust with the voters.  He has revealed his character, his judgment, and his values. With these revelations, how can the people of Pennsylvania trust Don Sherwood?

Innocent people do not secretly settle lawsuits in back rooms; an innocent Congressman with a tough reelection campaign would certainly want to clear his name, if he could.

Rather than try to clear his name, however, Don Sherwood used his personal wealth to try to kill this story. On top of that, he cleverly announced the settlement Tuesday in the middle of the 2005 elections.

We must not let him hide from the people who elected him.

Sherwood's behavior is another example of the Culture of Corruption that weakens our democracy and does nothing to solve our problems or move us forward.

The bottom line is that voters must be able to trust their elected representatives.  Sherwood has been dishonest with his family and forgotten his constituents for years.  I am determined to hold Don Sherwood accountable for his record.  He has silenced Cynthia Ore, but with your help he will not silence me.

Please help us defeat Don Sherwood in the PA-10th by supporting my campaign.  If we can take this seat it will be a major step towards taking back the House.  And with this weeks' results and the drumroll of corrupt politicians dropping like flies... you gotta believe.

This is a crucial time for the campaign - and we need your help to shine the spotlight on Sherwood's actions, and to pave the way for getting him out of Congress.

Sherwood's secret settlement may have bought the silence of Ms. Ore, but will not buy my silence, nor yours.

Serving Our Communities Directly

On October 29th, Chris Carney will be working with community volunteers in conjunction with and the Meals-on-Wheels Program of the Sunbury-Northumberland Interfaith Council of Churches to support housebound senior citizens in and around Sunbury, Pa.

If you are interested in participating, you can get more information at:

Here is the press release that went out this morning:

October 18, 2005

Democrat Embraces New Campaign Service Concept

Dimock, Pa.-Democrat Chris Carney, candidate for Congress Pennsylvania's 10th Congressional district, will participate in public service events organized by  On October 29, Carney will work in coordination with, local volunteers, and the Meals-on-Wheels Program of the Sunbury-Northumberland Interfaith Council of Churches to support housebound senior citizens in and around Sunbury, PA.  Volunteers will gather at noon in the parking lot of the Sunbury Youth & Community Center (1200 N 7th St. Sunbury, PA 17801; at the intersection of Shikellamy Ave. and Memorial Dr.) by the baseball fields.  For more information, see

"Washington's attack politics are self-serving and do nothing to move American communities forward," said Carney.  "With winter approaching, thousands of senior citizens will face record heating oil prices on fixed incomes. Our parents, our families, and our communities are seeing the results of Washington's failed energy policies. The time for action is now. We can all make a difference in our community by giving and volunteering our time to programs like Meals-On-Wheels."

"Government should be about people getting together and solving problems," said founder Eric Loeb.  "Chris Carney understands that, and I am proud to be by his side serving the people of northeast Pennsylvania."

"I'm glad for anything that gets people out and helping our senior citizens," said Meals-on-Wheels program coordinator, Winnie Nemecek.

"We're seeing a real outpouring of support from congregations and citizens groups throughout the area," said Dan Saxton of the Sunbury Democratic Committee.  "I think everybody understands the need to get back to basics and help our neighbors.  I particularly want to thank the Central Susquehanna Citizens Coalition for their hard work on this event."

Press Contacts

Andrew Eldredge-Martin, Carney for Congress, 570-575-9299,
Eric Loeb,, 215-849-2737,
Winnie Nemecek, Meals-on-Wheels, 570-286-3552
Dan Saxton, Sunbury Democratic Committee, 570-286-8017,

About Chris Carney

Chris Carney lives in Dimock, Pa. with his wife, Jennifer, and their five children. As a Lieutenant Commander in the United States Naval Reserve, Carney served multiple tours overseas and was activated for operations Enduring Freedom and Noble Eagle. In addition, during the Bush administration, Carney served his country as a senior counterterrorism and intelligence advisor at the Pentagon. At Penn State Worthington-Scranton, Carney teaches courses in American government, foreign policy, intelligence, and terrorism.  

For more information see

About identifies and supports Democratic candidates who use community service events to highlight real solutions to real problems. organizes events and recruits volunteers in order to reconnect candidates to voters, highlight the real problems facing our communities, and demonstrate the Democratic Party's commitment to service and shared responsibility.

For more information see

About the Meals-on-Wheels Program of the Sunbury-Northumberland Interfaith Council of Churches

The meals-on-wheels program was founded by the Sunbury-Northumberland Interfaith Council of Churches in 1972 after the major flooding from hurricane Agnes.  The Interfaith Council, comprised of 17 area churches, supports community service and volunteer activities throughout the year.  The meals-on-wheels program serves 50 seniors one or two meals per day, Monday through Friday, with an entirely volunteer staff.

Petition: Give DeLay's Money To the Victims!

We just posted this petition on our website. Let's send a message to the GOP leadership. Force every single republican to give the money back.

Congressman Sherwood: Give DeLay's Money Back!

Since 1998, you have accepted over $14,800 in campaign contributions from Tom DeLay's ARMPAC.

On September 29th, Congress indicted Tom DeLay for a conspiracy to break Texas campaign finance law through one of his Political Action Committees.

Congressman Jeb Bradley (R-NH) announced that he will return every penny that he received from ARMPAC.

Our request is short and simple:

We are asking you to give every penny that you have received from Tom DeLay's ARMPAC to the victims of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. The people of the 10th District are concerned that you have received so much money from tom DeLay and then voted with him 95% of the time in the last year.

Take action and show your independence from the extreme partisan politics of Tom DeLay and the leadership in Washington.


[Fill out the form to ADD YOUR NAME!]

Sign the petition at:

DeLay Indictment Raises Questions for Sherwood

Chris Carney is running for Congress in the 10th District of Pennsylvania against millionaire "family values" conservative Don Sherwood.

We just sent out this release in response to today's news.


Dimock, Pa.-Today's indictment of Republican Majority Leader Tom DeLay on conspiracy charges raises serious ethical questions for Congressman DeLay and for Don Sherwood.

Chris Carney said, "Don Sherwood has not represented the interests and values of the 10th District in Washington.""It is unfortunate that the money and trappings of extreme partisan politics have blinded Don Sherwood to the real concerns and needs of the 10th District and of America."

  • Don Sherwood has accepted over $14,800 dollars from Tom DeLay's PAC (

  • During the past year, Sherwood has voted over 95% of the time with the majority leader (

  • Earlier this year, Sherwood voted to weaken House Ethics rules in an effort to protect DeLay's position as majority leader. (H Res 5, Roll Call #6, 1/4/05)

"As a dependable rubber stamp for Tom DeLay, Don Sherwood has failed to show independent judgement and effective leadership for the 10th District," campaign spokesperson Andrew Eldredge-Martin said.

"Chris Carney will bring expertise, good moral judgment, and true leadership to Washington where it is so badly needed," Eldredge-Martin said.

People, Not Money.

Chris Carney is running for Congress in the 10th District of Pennsylvania against millionaire, conservative "family values" conservative Don Sherwood.

Until this morning we have not asked our mailing list to contribute.  The below message was posted on our blog and mailed to our supporters this morning.

Dear Friends,

On September 30th, Carney for Congress sends its first quarterly fundraising report to the Federal Election Commission. We want to show everyone the broad support Chris Carney has across the 10th District of Pennsylvania.

One week ago in the Scranton Times-Tribune, Carl Forti from the National Republican Congressional Committee said Chris Carney couldn't raise enough money to seriously challenge Don Sherwood. We thought that was funny because in the end it is the voters, not the dollars, who decide elections.  

Let's show Mr. Forti what politics is really about. Let's see how many PEOPLE we can get to contribute in the next week. Each contribution, whether $15 dollars, $50 dollars, or $1500, represents one American who cares about setting new priorities in Washington and making government work for us again.

It's time to stop the nonsense and time to make Washington work for all Americans. Together we will do better.

40 years in the making....

It's been over 40 years since a Democrat held the congressional seat for the 10th District of Pennsylvania. Democrat Stanley A. Prokop was a one term Congressman during the 86th Congress from 1958-60.

The streak ends in 2006.

Chris is a Lt. Commander in the Naval Reserve and has served as a top advisor on intelligence and counterterrorism at the Pentagon. In addition, Chris is a tenured Associate Professor at Penn State-Worthington Scranton, where he has taught courses in American Government, Foreign Policy, and Intelligence and Terrorism issues. Read more about Chris Carney and his record of service.

Compare Chris' record with Don Sherwood at Wikipedia.

Do you see why we have a HUGE opportunity to take back a historically republican district in the PA-10th?

Help Chris get on the national map starting today by voting for him at:

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The Campaign Is Launched

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Chris Carney is running for Congress in the 10th District of Pennsylvania against conservative "family values" conservative Don Sherwood. Please visit the Carney for Congress website for more information about Chris and about our campaign.

On Wednesday September 7th, Chris formally announced his candidacy for U.S. Congress in front of a crowd of approximately 100 (trust me, this is a great turnout in our rural district).  Below, I've given a brief report on the Kickoff, the text of Chris' speech, some pictures from the event, and listed two upcoming events that are of particular interest to those near Lewisberg, Pa. and Philadelphia, Pa.

Much, much more below!

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PA-10: Chris Carney for Congress

Democrat Chris Carney will announce his candidacy for Congress on September 7th in Montrose, PA. He will be challenging incumbent republican Don Sherwood in Pennsylvania's 10th Congressional District.

We just launched the Carney for Congress website, which is based on a platform of WordPress and Democracy in Action. We will be adding additional issue statements, background information, and keeping everyone up to date on the Carney for Congress Blog.

Please check it out, give us your thoughts, and join our campaign:

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