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    McCain and Palin are sacrificial lambs.  The GOP doesn't want any of its real candidates getting their records tarnished with a certain loss in '08.

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    I agree completely that asking HRC to slam Palin is like asking [people of color/queers/et al.] to do all the work on [racism/homophobia/etc.]

    Also have to say that Biden does not have the best record on women (remember how he treated Anita Hill?  I do), but he's been working to improve it.

    Wouldn't be surprised if HRC wants to slam Palin, and if so, I can't wait for it--she'll kick Governor Wolfsniper*'s @$$.

    Fortunately, Obama's strong call for equal pay for equal work and strong support for reproductive rights--not to mention support for working people who are struggling to make ends meet--make him the clear favorite for women AND men AND every other species on the planet.  

    * killing wolf pups and shooting endangered species from aircraft kind of gets in the way of the attempted warm smiley hockey mom image.  

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    Let this news cycle play out and then see McCain try and squeeze any points out of it.

    I heard on Thom Hartmann that Palin supports aerial hunting of wolves, including wolf pups.  That is just evil.  

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    http://www.hillaryclinton.com/news/relea se/view/?id=7935

    Joint Statement from Maggie Williams, Senior Advisor to Senator Clinton and David Axelrod, Senior Strategist to Senator Obama

    The following is a joint statement from Maggie Williams, Senior Advisor to Senator Clinton and David Axelrod, Senior Strategist to Senator Obama in response to the false story that appeared last night online on politico.com.

    "We understand that some in the news media are more interested in reporting the rumor of controversy than the fact of unity. The fact is that our teams are working closely to ensure a successful convention and will continue to do so. Senator and President Clinton fully support the Obama/Biden ticket and look forward to addressing the convention and the nation on the urgency of victory this Fall. Anyone saying anything else doesn't know what they're talking about. Period."

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    It would be nice to have an incumbent VP as the Democratic nominee in 2016.  Let's hope Biden keeps his wits later in life than McCain and Reagan did.  

  • http://www.nytimes.com/aponline/washingt on/AP-CVN-Biden-Vulnerabilities.html
    more "concern" from the AP about Biden.

    must be good news for John McCain.  </sarcasm>

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    hi, freepers!  sorry your convention is so boring that you have to come over here and stir up sh!t.  have fun!  

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    IMO either Clark or Clinton would add the most to the ticket, be well qualified as VP, run well as the 2016 nominee, and govern well as our 45th Pres.


    Biden:  remember what a pathetic sexist ass he was as chair of the Judiciary committee, in the then all-male Senate grilling Anita Hill and coddling Clarence Thomas?  remember that the key to Democratic victory is energized women?  not a good idea.  same goes double or triple for Webb, Nunn, or anyone else with a history of misogyny or cluelessness w/r/t women and reproductive rights.

    "must be a white guy":  I don't think so, though the pundits will love to repeat that kind of B.S..  Yes, there's still plenty of sexism and racism; no, I don't think you evade that issue by picking the "safe" choice, you handle it well.  And in this case, I think there's more to lose by choosing someone boring, predictable, and safe than there is in picking someone from the  severely underrepresented majority of this country's voters, i.e. WOMEN, who are key to Democratic victories.  

    Confidential to Obama's campaign:  stop torturing us!  We're getting carpal tunnel speculating!  Just tell us already so we can shift into second-guessing, griping, and gloating--not to mention fundraising and doing field work.  

  • i agree, she'll be a good "gateway".

    her sense of humor goes a long way, too.  too many pundit cranks mistake mean-spirited snark for actual humor.  genuine satire comforts the afflicted and afflicts the comfortable, but i haven't seen too much of that on mainstream airwaves.  perhaps that will change now that she's on there.  

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    This is the best news I've read in a long time.  Congrats to Rachel (and to MSNBC for making a very wise hire).

    They don't get much more brilliant and funny than our favorite Rhodes scholar / AAR host.  

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    Here's her comment on the shift:
    http://tvdecoder.blogs.nytimes.com/2008/ 08/19/rachel-maddow-comments-on-new-role /
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    http://tvdecoder.blogs.nytimes.com/2008/ 08/19/rachel-maddow-to-replace-dan-abram s-on-msnbc/

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    in Dan Abrams's old slot!

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    color me disturbed by the news on the NYT home page.

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    hmmm, I am reminded that the GOP candidate is the OLDEST one ever to run and that perhaps it's time for him to RETIRE from public life.  


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