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    exactly.  this election is not about bimbo George and his follies. this is about an entire regime engaged in cold-blooded lies, theft, and worse.   this is about a failed ideology (unfortunately we had to pay for its failures twice--hopefully never again).  this is about shameless cutthroat power-seeking at all costs.  

    when GWB says everything is going according to plan in Iraq, he means it, and he's right in a sense--it's just that they wouldn't have the nerve to reveal their true plan to the American people.  

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    why promote their (typically) dishonest racist misogynist crap?  

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    how would one go about making it happen?  

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    good point.  we need the correct post-election narrative(s), and also a longer-term narrative arc toward Nov. 2008.  

    post-election memes:
    populist uprising
    "we've had enough!"
    it's the competence, stupid
    correcting the course

    pre-2008 arc
    stage 1:  spending our political capital (Nelson Muntz "ha ha" moment) w/ pro-labor pro-reproductive freedom pro-survival of humanity (anti-global warming) pro-peace policies

    stage 2:  cleaning up the mess - undoing all the unconstitutional garbage inflicted on us by GWB.  hope the GOP doesn't stall on judges the way they did during WJC's tenure.  that really hurts the rule of law over the long term.  if they do, make them pay for their extremism by howling about it in the media every day.  

    stage 3:  pre-election nonpartisan/bipartisan uncontroversial stuff.

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    Most Americans are smart enough to understand that Bush alone gets the blame for pissing the world off and squandering the good will everyone showered on the U.S. after the disasters of 9/11/01.

    All the "axis of evil" blah blah blah is not going to shift that blame.  

    It does put Democratic officials in a tricky position, but this time I trust they will not leapfrog over each other to lick GWB's boots.  

    Sanity is a great asset in a president, and in a legislator (judges too--i can dream, can't i?), so now is the time for all Democrats to call strongly for a unified and SANE reality-based foreign policy.  

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    what are some good indicators of how field is going in various places?  i hear rumors that everything is running like clockwork, and rumors that everything is in chaos, and rumors in between.  is there any way to tell what is actually going on?  

    meanwhile, of course, i am recruiting every sensible person i know to volunteer registering voters, phonebanking, canvassing, etc.  now is not the time to rest.

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    I like Glenn Greenwald's take on it:  an intelligent designer is behind the Foley scandal, so obviously S/He is on our side.  

    http://glenngreenwald.blogspot.com/2006/ 10/does-foley-scandal-prove-existence-of .html

    But seriously, I hope we don't fall into the media/pollster trap of watching the horse race rather than doing so much GOTV that even Diebold can't mess up the victory.  (And in the case of shady results, I hope the netroots people lead a massive uproar, unlike in 2000 and 2004.  We cannot allow our gov't to be stolen again.)  

    Meanwhile, we just have to get people to the polls, the old-fashioned way--rides to the polls, phonebanks, canvassing, etc.

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    yes yes yes to election reform, corporate reform, fairness doctrine, tax reform, minimum wage increase.  

    and something related to health care or drug access.  

    and something about global warming, because hello, if we don't, in 10 more years we won't need to worry about elections, we'll all be crowded onto deserts w/o plants or animals to sustain us.  

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    i am just hoping that our side will do so much GOTV that their turnout rate won't matter.  they are pros at field work; we can't just sit back and enjoy their getting caught in hypocrisies and scandals, we need to win by such a landslide that even their election-stealing tactics won't work.  obvious, i know, but important.  

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    anyone notice this little detail- that the GOP appointees to the panel investigating the coverup all have financial ties to Hastert?
    http://www.usatoday.com/news/washington/ 2006-10-05-hastert-ties_x.htm


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