Republican called on vague insinuations about Foley cover-up

You know you're in trouble when even that concern troll Wolf Blitzer starts actually practicing journalism on you.  

Check out this little gem, in which Blitzer grills Patrick McHenry (R-NC), demanding evidence to back up his insinuations that the Democrats had something to do with the timing of the Foleygate scandal/coverup coverage: /blitzer-to-gop-rep-yes-_n_31229.html

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Since when does the MSM ask tough questions?

I mean, come on.  Give Patrick McHenry a break.  The GOP is used to being able to make unsubstantiated allegations against Democrats and have them reported verbatim by CNN and Fox.  How did Patrick know this was the day Wolf was going to re-discover that he has a set of balls?

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Getting in the last word

The interchanges were most unusual for Late Edition. I was thrilled to see Wolf calling for his evidence. At the end, however, McHenry ran out all the GOP distortions:

>>MCHENRY: Well, I've got to compliment Charlie on a great retort. But let me tell you something. in this election, Republican voters are going to go out, as are all American voters going to go out, and be aware that the Democrats want to raise taxes and defund our troops. Moreover, the deficit is being reduced, as you well know, Charlie, and we've actually almost cut it in half in a brief number of years. <<

It took me about 12 hours before I recalled how the Bushies "reduce the deficit" by announcing an inflated one which they later "correct." Pshaw!

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