Blog Against Sexism Day 2007 - Highlights

Anyone seen any excellent posts in honor of Blog Against Sexism Day (aka International Women's Day)?    The point is for blogs that are not normally focused on feminist issues to spend one day attending to women, sexism, and gender issues.  Haven't seen anything yet on Kos and MyDD so here goes.

So far, these are the highlights I've spotted:

I Like My Sexism Like I Like My Hardwood Floors:  Deeply Ingrained on

a historical perspective from the Moline Independent Democratic Network

Feminism 101 on Fetch Me My Axe and Persephone's Box

a whole bunch of interesting stuff on Sand Gets In My Eyes (posted from Saudi Arabia)

The Private War of Women Soldiers in Salon

Chime in w/ your own highlights if you've got 'em.  

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Re: Blog Against Sexism Day 2007 - Highlights

Jeff on Blog of the Moderate Left posts extensively about free speech and harassment in the law-school world

Rawkkiddo reflects on life as Mr. Mom

David talks about disability & gender issues

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