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    No, Jerome is nitpicking. Barack Obama doesn't have to apologize for what other people do. He correctly distanced himself from Fr. Pfleger's remarks. Jerome is simply trying to make this more than it actually is (probably because he's angry that the candidate he has shilled for lost).

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    Fr. Pfleger has probably done more for the cause of social justice than any other priest in Chicago. You're probably not a Chicago Catholic so I wouldn't expect you to know anything about him. His remarks were wrong but for you to call him a bigot without knowing anything about him is insulting as well.

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    Yet you have out-lamed everyone by whining about the semantics of Obama's condemnation of Rev. Pfleger's remarks.

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    Do you want Obama to win?

    The way you drum up controversy in your front page posts would seem to indicate otherwise. Do you honestly think he won't be our nominee? Because if you don't, you seem to be trying to drive the Democratic candidate for President into the ground.

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    And those are the exact reasons Hillary will win the nomination and support by Automatic delegates to match the popular vote.

    If you truly believe this I would suggest that you go to Intrade to put some money on Clinton. She's selling at about 8.7 to Obama's 91.6 so if she wins the nomination, as you predict, you would make a boatload of money.

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    If my aunt had balls, she'd be by uncle.

    The rules are what they are. The Clintons have had powerful friends at the DNC for years. If Hillary had wanted the rules to be different, she could have lobbied for changes before the campaign season started.

  • the kind that plugs his ears and hums the national anthem when someone presents statistics that show the U.S. falling behind other industrialized countries in health, poverty rates, and education?

    Sorry, but a real patriot acknowleges and addresses his country's problems rather than pretending that America is the best no matter what. That's the sort of Bush attitude we have been fighting for the past seven years.

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    when you write stuff like this:

    America is the Greatest country on earth for all of her citizens.  That is why people break laws to get in here illegally, and no one (no matter how much they complain) wants to leave.

    This statement is far too simplistic and misleading to belong in a progressive community. You'll find plenty of evidence out there that the U.S. is not the greatest country for its citizens. We have a healthcare crisis on our hands. We have a broken education system. The disparity in wealth and income between rich and poor is reaching levels that are unprecendented in the modern era.

    People enter this country without proper documentation because the economic systems in their countries of origin don't provide proper income. These conditions are often made worse by American companies that exploit economic hardships for lower production costs.

    So before you reproduce right-wing talking points, consider that reality has a well-known liberal bias.

  • Actually it has nothing to do with what I say or what anyone else says. It has everything to do with the metrics that we use to select our nominee. So the mathematical reality is that Senator Obama has a virtual lock on the nomination.

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    But if anyone has earned the right to respectful consideration of thier offer of service as Commander in Chief, it's John McCain. He paid a huge price for this country.

    Actually this country has paid a huge price for John McCain and his political ambitions. McCain now disgraces U.S. servicemen and servicewomen through his policies of perpetual war. And even if you survive your tour, John McCain doesn't believe you should be guaranteed a full-ride education.

    If you want to sing John McCain's praises, find a different site to post your drivel on.

  • She said poppycock to all that malarky!

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    Reality has a well-known Obama bias.

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    I think this resonates with voters. The fact is that most voters just don't care about Obama's old pastors or Bill Clinton's old sexual encounters. They want politicians to talk about fixing this country.

  • I can't speak for everyone else, but if I had seen it in March I would have been just as offended.

    It isn't a matter of desperation; Obama's lead is so great that he didn't need Clinton to make a mistake this large. It is a matter of taste and sensitivity to this country's history of political violence. Barack Obama receives death threats on a daily basis. His wife and two young daughters have to worry for his safety with every stump speech he gives. This is by no means a typical political gaffe.

    David Axelrod didn't go after Clinton on this today when given the opportunity because he probably understands that it's not politically necessary. But that doesn't mean that this comment isn't damaging to both campaigns in its cynical nature.

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    She's a repeat offender. She shouldn't have said it in March and she shouldn't have repeated it in May.


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