Some Ideas For The Country

Just some things I think should be done in the country...

-Federal mortgage rules are needed, home buyers are required to either put down 10% of the value of the home to be purchased, or mortgage payments need to be no more then one week's income per month

-CEO pay scales need to be set at a percentage of net profits, creating performance based compensation packages

-There needs to be a two year freeze in the training of new teachers

-Teaching standards need to be nationalized

-Teaching certificates need to be nationalized and transferable between states

-Subsidize "green" and "clean" technologies and renewable technologies that America can manufacture within this country, creating new jobs, and then import to other countries, lowering the trade gap

-The infrastructure of this country is crumbling, restart the Civilian Conservation Corps.  This will help rebuild needed infrastructure and lower unemployment

-Never privatize Social Security, never take money from the Social Security Fund

-With record usage, Amtrak funding needs to be increased and that money needs to be used in improve infrastructure (stations, track, equipment) that will further increase ridership.  Funnel money from airport expansion projects (i.e. O'Hare) and federal highway funds as increased Amtrak ridership would take cars off the road and passengers off of airplanes with the goal to have Amtrak become profitable

-Provide tax incentives to American corporations that keep jobs in the country, fund those tax incentives by charging levies on goods manufactured by American companies outside of the US

-Illegal immigrants are ineligible to receive state and federal social services as they are a major drain on all resources, and the borders need to be closed

-Partition Iraq into Sunni, Shiite, and Kurdish sides. Iraq the way we know it now was drawn up by the Allies after WWII, and it clearly as not worked. Divide it up as evenly as possible providing opportunities for equal oil revenues among the three sides. It will offend Turkey, but Turkey does not have the right to deny the Kurdish people the right of self-determination

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Re: Some Ideas For The Country

While some of your ideas are good some not so much.

Explain why a freeze on training new teachers?

25% rule for home mortgages - this is an old adage that went out the window quite some time ago. While it is a good rule of thumb most would agree 30% -33% is doable with out being house poor.

CEO pay while we maybe able to dictate pay packages for companies the fed is bailing out. It has no place in doing it otherwise, For publicly traded companies the stockholders need to start making a stink. For private companies it none of the Feds business.

by jsfox 2008-09-24 08:01PM | 0 recs
Re: Some Ideas For The Country

The freeze on training new teachers...

For every open teaching position there is sometimes over 100 applicants, so colleges are currently training people in a profession where they will be unable to get a job.  So freeze training for two years, which will allow more teachers that are currently out their to find employment while having current college students get trained in a field that needs people

by Chicago225 2008-09-25 03:45AM | 0 recs


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