Palin's Un-America

Everyone in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Seattle, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Miami, Cleveland, Minneapolis, etc., etc., etc., should be furious with Sarah Palin for equating living in a urban area of the country makes you un-American (if being un-american means potentially voting for Obama.)  

I have never seen a party that consistently classifies themselves as uniters being so divisive.  

In a Sarah Palin America those of us that live in urban America are lovers of socialism who "pal around with terrorists" while we actually read news publications that extend our elitism.  Sarah Palin, who has barely seen the world past Alaska, let alone those "furrin" countries that lie past our borders fails to see that urban America celebrates the diversity of America.  You see people of many races and religions living together side by side (mostly) in harmony.  You see people with open minds that are open to new ideas that will improve the world and willing to help their neighbors, unlike what Sarah Palin wants people to believe.  That to me is what America is about, not homogeneous groups of people that still believe that the world was created in 6 days and that we lived the same time as the dinosaurs.  

Sarah Palin comes from a town in Alaska of under 10,000 that was surrounded by 42 meth labs and forced victims of sexual abuse to pay for their own medical treatment.  Those are virtues that I want extolled upon the rest of America.  

I have traveled to most of this country, and I have seen good and bad in both rural and urban America.  In times like these, more then others, we need to come together as a nation.  Yet members of the Republican party insist on still trying to divide this nation into the "real" America and the elitist socialist America.  America will not be able to move forward as a divided country were it's rural citizens harbor a distrust of it's urban citizens that is fostered by the leaders of the Republican party.  People in this country need to realize that we need to move forward on a united front, that is the only way we will succeed and bring this country back to the status that we all want to be at.  

The voters of this country need to step up and say No! I will not let you divide my country into two parts.  We are all Americans and we are all looking for the same thing and urban America and rural America coming together will provide a strength that the two parts can separate would never be able to match.

So say no to Sarah Palin's "real" America of small towns.  We all live in one America, and we are all real Americans.

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