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    too funny, matt. i hope someone puts together a book when this is all over, of all the blog posts about this very odd campaign.

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    and Matt goes for the jugular. get ready for the real thing, my friend. they will have no choice but to come after you now. and as you point out, they are Legion, and well funded at that.

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    the clenis is going to stump for him, it seems.

    http://www.wtnh.com/Global/story.asp?S=5 174739&nav=3YeX

    Hartford-AP July 20,2006 8:00 AM) _ One of the Democratic Party's biggest guns, former President Bill Clinton, is coming to Connecticut to campaign for Senator Joe Lieberman.

    Clinton's visit, planned for July 24th in Waterbury, comes as a new Quinnpiac Poll shows Lieberman and his Democratic primary challenger, businessman Ned Lamont, in a statistical dead heat.

    Lieberman's campaign has not yet revealed details of the planned visit. The two politicians have known each other since Clinton worked on Lieberman's first campaign for state Senate in 1970.

    Clinton was a student at Yale University at the time. Clinton recently defended Lieberman's position on the war in Iraq, saying he agreed with Lieberman that the U-S should not set a strict timetable for withdrawing soldiers.

    Clinton also said he thought it was wrong for Democrats to challenge one of their own.

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    check out the comments at the dscc blog. schumer better be paying attention, there's no shortage of actual party officials on that thread and they're not taking it lying down.

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    'cause you know, i lose sleep at night worrying over the influence of the 15 people at this protest. obviously very heavy hitters, they are.

  • and left a comment suggesting that they may want to make a statement, and pronto. there's real anger out here, and this post is actually one of the milder ones i've read today, and the day isn't close to being over yet. one thing is clear: a large number of hard core political junkies will walk away in disgust of lieberman the independent gets democratic monies.

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    corrente answers the call.

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    happily mirroring this report. thanks.

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    my take as a black woman with Chicago ties here.

    obama is rapidly devolving into a guy who seems  to do little more than piss me off.

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    corrente picked this one up. that's a great little story there. perhaps we should enlist a few more college democrats for some stealth bar activism, you can't tell me fergie is the only drunk, out of control rethug to hit on women half his age in public.

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    an additional strategy.

    perhaps this is either totally obvious or naive and impossible, but it seems to me with such a monster bill and an election year, combined with the potential  the title by title review has to slow it down, we should look for friends.

    goddess i was pissed to read about jesse jackson in on this.

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    from now on? fuck, man where have you been? for like...since clinton was in office, and they came out with piece after piece about why his dick was the most important story ever.

    we dropped our 'script years ago. they've been milking their once proud liberal heritage for a decade without living up to it, as their circulation numbers and red-ink bottom line have shown, year in and out.

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    there's linking to a story in the sclm (or altmedia) where the link is all there is, and there's linking plus commentary. how much commentary on a story is required to satisfy the original content mark. obviously, a lot of us aren't out there doing reporting in asia or the middle east, but also have "original" things to say about reports from those areas. i do a lot of original writing, but also a great deal of linking, often to more than one story in each post i put up.

    ...but the wapo can lick me, i don't ever link to them. ;-)

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    i called my senators today about it, again. still "no position." this time, i threatened them. "i've got a blog, and lots of readers. i don't want to have to make you out to be the bad guys." one staffer seemed to grok the word blog, the other not so much.

    keep up the good work, matt. obviously, it's rather easy to slap down the paid shills, but then again, that's why they're paid shills. it's work best left to the stupid and lazy.

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    hahaha. you are too funny, kt. and cute, yeah. that's it. we've come a long way baby, or something.


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