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    "educated white collar types today" that is.

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    you've covered the major points well enough. two things i'd add that are intertwined: economic insecurity and health care. in the 60s, if you went to college, you were pretty sure you'd have a stable career for the rest of your life after that. you also didn't worry about losing your house if you got sick. i know that sounds a little simple, but contrast that with educated white collar types with the inclination to be active politically- perhaps for the first time in several generations, there is a clear common concern between the middle class and poor. this is both good and bad for activism and the progressive movement. many of us cannot be as active as we'd like, because if we get off the treadmill or rock the boat even for a moment, we risk losing our spot in the middle class world. it is also motivating- those of us who have been kicked out of the comfy club are pretty pissed about it, having worked hard for a good life and been promised it, but now found that dream to be a lie.

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    erm, sorry, jonathan, not chris. my bad.

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    everyone has already said it. sorry, chris. you couldn't be more wrong. don't let sentiment cloud a proper perception of history. even "nice" guys can make terrible mistakes, and we are all paying the price.

    two words for you: dick and rummy. without ford elevating them to power in his circle, they'd not have been able to become the powerful warmongers they are today.

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    sigh. i'm so tired of hearing about obama.

    the man who tells people like me (atheist, queer) that i have to "make nice" with the fundies or progressives will never have power. ooops, guess that was totally wrong, cf election 06. remind me again: what has he done that warrants  the office of president?

    sure, we elect actors and know-nothings all the time to office. but obama has surely fooled a goodly number of "progressives," people who wouldn't give him the time of day, based on his record, but are totally swept away by his race.

    i know the man. was at school when he was, know his wife. he's nice, but he's not ready to represent my or the progressive movement's interests in the highest office. believe otherwise at your own risk. i watched how quickly he shed actual progressives from his staff during his initial campaign, and all i can say to his fans here: he'll dump you in a NY minute if he thinks you'll play poorly in peroria.

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    horribly! and i couldn't be happier! i love it when being as wrong as i was feels so right.

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    fuck debbie stab'w. she's one of the traitors who voted to kill the constitution.

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    and you just know that some republican operative is going to save this quote as 'proof' that all election tampering is democratic.

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    thanks for the link, jill.

    i can excuse a mostly-white gathering of people who had the time and ability to drop everything and fly to nyc. not everyone can do that. bloggers of color were invited, couldn't make it, no biggie. it happens.

    what i can't excuse: letting this photo into circulation. it's the very hallmark of amateurism. hello, did folks not think that some people would pick up on the paleness of it and comment? like, our republican enemies, who would love to convince more black and brown folks that dems are just using them, and don't really care about minority issues?

    image is everything.  bush "won" because people think he'd be better to "have a beer with." similarly, kerry and gore lost, as least in part, because they were "stiff" and "uptight." a pic of a bunch of mostly white geeky people with clinton- not really helping our cause. i'm a geek, i love and am one of the regular folk, but we've got to be smarter than this.

    take your glamour shots with clinton all you like. just think, like Felix didn't, about if it's really a good idea to put it on the intertubes. individual shots would've been a much better choice.

    and when responding to critique on this matter, try to avoid describing yourself a one of the "betters" to a black woman blogger. that's just not cool.

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    at first i thought you were saying "execute the DLC" which is a little harsh, but only a little. i guess i'll settle for excommunication.

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    gotta agree with HG.  it'll take a serious attack of rabid lambism sustained over several markets before CfG is no longer to be feared. rejoice in this loss, but don't think they're out of the game.

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    it's so insider, i can't access it. that is, when i clicked the link it asked me for a password. i assume they're changing that as of tue? cause, you know, it's hard to get traffic when you only allow the authors of your blog to read it.

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    i blogged on her after reading her website. she's such a great candidate. if i were out there, i'd be working for her, no doubt.

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    Pop- the smear isn't working. americans know, and feel the higher gas prices, the thousands of dead americans, the continuing spiral into civil war in iraq, the comfort of the iranian gov't, and secrecy and greed of the oil companies, the fecklessness of the DHS, and the emptiness of the same, tired rhetoric of fear coming from Joe and his BFF bush.

    it's time for us to harp louder, i agree. let's start with the state department's own numbers: since bush took office, the world is less safe from terrorist attack, and that's only gotten more true in the years since 911. security: vote democratic, and we'll give it a try!

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    scott's easy to pick on, but in a way, i adore him. he's trying really hard to build a bridge between the dlcers and the netroots, even if he doesn't always make sense.


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