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    but i'm no longer a patriot, or nationalist. simply, the concept of a nation is just an idea, and i don't invest myself in many ideologies anymore.

    i was so sickened by the majority response to 911, and later the invasion of iraq. people's minds shut off, and emotion and sentiment drove them. and look at the mess we're in today as a result. it's great to love your neighbors, and your community, and i suppose your nation, but in end i'm not looking for more mindless emotions driving policy. indeed, i'm looking for much less of that.

    why am i in politics? because if i'm not, my life will be even more miserable than it already is as a gay black progressive woman living in a country in which Imus is a very popular radio host. it's completely selfish, and i don't deny it. but with that same rationality i approach the actions of my government and fellow citizens, and i believe that allows me to make better decisions and take more effective action.

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    it's too soon, and your money is better spent on other projects. the simple fact is that we're too far out, and any poll taken now will be meaningless in a few months; so much can and will change in that time, and the longer time between now and the first few primaries.

    money is a scarce thing in the blogosphere. save yours for an effort that will actually make a difference in some way.

    there is also the critique that such polls "feed the beast" of ever earlier, ever more money concerned primary races. we hate that, right? so why play (and pay) into it?

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    beat you by 18 min big guy.

    i'm not surprised tho. i'd like to frame this in a "money for the MIC" way instead of an "anti-AIPAC" way, however. AIPAC doesn't speak for israel any more than northrup or lockheed speak for america. at the bottom of all lobbying motivation is money, and i don't think this is any different. if "protecting israel" were really the goal, the AIPAC crowd would not have supported the iraq war, or any other war that breeds a new generation of haters of israel.

    in the middle east, imperial adventures like the iraq war are understood by the 'arab street' as joint ventures between israel and the US. thus, invasions and occupations only decrease security in israel. but like here, the israeli MIC lobby is very powerful, and they have their own generation of neocon hacks who have careers solely because of their success in fooling people into believing what they do is for israel's benefit.

  • you're clearly biased and out of touch. everyone knows that americans love balance- in chicken breasts, tire pressure, and most especially politics.

    sarcasm off, this reminds me once again of the deep and burning need we have in this country for education reform. meaningful, serious reform. people left and right in this country are too quick to accept ideology over rationality, and have become unable to apply the proper amount of critical thinking as they adopt beliefs. when everyone knows that "i'm right and you can't tell me otherwise"....well, just look at the mess we're in today.

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    one nuance i'd add to this post:

    CBC gender

    later i'll come back and do a longer post on this, thanks for bringing it up. but understand that this is even more complicated than is laid out here. i'll say it, as a black woman, in case others are afraid to: being black doesn't make one automatically a sincere progressive. just as some white pols take advantage of their gerrymandered districts and speak 'coded' racist language to their electorate, so too do some black pols benefit from misrepresenting the progressive white left wing of the dem party.

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    you know what i'd like to see? less focus on the kabuki of daily government and insider beltway baseball, and more focus on the money.

    i was just reading that since 2003, FDA food safety testing dropped 75%. what does this have to do with the war? everything, because everything is being cut back to pay for it. one hell of a lot of money is flowing to a very shady group of players. how much of that is coming back and being applied behind the scenes, keeping some dem leaders quiet or worse yet, supportive of the war, or making it very difficult for others to "do the right thing?" if i had a billion dollars a month to play with, i'd be able to buy a lot of politicians and not even significantly reduce the size of the pot i get to keep.

    i believe a lot of dems are stuck in the Good Old Days, and believe that now that they are in power, they can go back to playing by the rules and believing the republicans are just like them and will do the same. i also believe that so much of what we get to read about is little more than window dressing, and that as a political force, we need to focus on the subjects that will get their attention and effort.

    as shy says, most americans aren't following the kabuki. but they would follow united democratic effort to demonstrate how they are being screwed out things like food safety and democratic government by a bunch of cronies who make money killing people with money stolen from american babies' mouths.

    there's only one reason any democrat would resist answering questions about where the money is going. seeing as how they're now in charge, that reason cannot be "because i don't know."

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    i found this last night. everything you need to know about bush's war, america, and the consequences we'll all have to deal with for generations to come, in one simple photo.

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    very nice work, chris. kudos to you. this is true "leadership," and i wish we could find a way to get you in the house or senate, although now that i think about it, i'm glad you're still "just" a blogger. i put it up at corrente, with some of my usual blunt snarky commentary.

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    reasons to be pro choice are many. my own personal top of that list: anti-choicers are racist hypocrites who don't give a shit about living babies out of the womb. how many brown or black orphans have most anti-choices adopted? none, you say? well, have a nice cup of "shut the fuck up" then.

    however, i'm not entirely happy with the way the left addresses this topic either. this proved to be the hardest post i've written in months, and i'm still not happy with it. but i believe it's possible to be pro-choice, and still have "issues" with abortion.

    and to whoever said it's the "couple's" choice: i'm fine with that, the day it's possible for both parts of the couple to carry the child. until then, here- i have a cup of something for you too.

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    paying attention to today's republican party knows that this line of yours is filled with crap. you expect me to hold my breath and wait for republicans to compromise? on stem cell research or any other verboten by the Chimp-King topic? ahem. i don't think so.

    there is wishful thinking. there is "speaking to (insert supernatural being here)." and then there is a critical appraisal of history, the facts, and the public record. i'd loooooove to believe that republicans are chastened by the election, humbled, ready to work again with their peers across the aisle.

    but i'm not that stupid.

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    1.3 million for 'bipartisan democrats' and just because you know, they're even more interested in that noble orientation, 1.4 million for 'bipartisan republicans. clearly it's the most important issue in america today!!

    gack. no wonder the gang of 500 thinks they're so important. google tells them so. and sadly, as the media is the measure of national discourse, they're right. wing, that is.

  • "kabuki." a little too esoteric for a meme/framing, but a personal favorite to describe so much of what our government "does."

    from a section of the wiki entry on "kabuki:"

    The raucous and often violent atmosphere of kabuki performances attracted the attention of the ruling Tokugawa shogunate, and in 1629 women were banned from the stage for the stated purpose of protecting public morals. Some historians suggest that the government was also concerned by the popularity of kabuki plays that dramatized ordinary life (rather than the heroic past) and enacted recent scandals, some involving government officials.[citation needed]

    A tryst between a man and a youth, probably a kabuki actor.[image]

    Young kabuki actors were often sought-after by townsmen who followed shudo.
    Since kabuki was already so popular, young male actors took over after women were banned from performing. Along with the change in the performers' gender came a change in the emphasis of the performance: increased stress was placed on drama rather than dance. Their performances were equally ribald, however, and they too were available for prostitution (also for male customers). Audiences frequently became rowdy, and brawls occasionally broke out, sometimes over the favors of a particularly handsome young actor, leading the shogunate to ban young male actors in 1652.[1]

    as i said, it's too esoteric to catch on, but all the qualities are there. youth/man love, prostitution, ribal behavior, scandal, and the emphasis on drama. that's what we get in the halls of power, not "governance" or "legislating."

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    here is where i'm asking for a new approach to economic data in the blogosphere, along with the rest of my response to this post.

    but as far as econ data goes: so much of it depends on to whom the prediction is addressed. working class people have a lot less to look forward to than many who make more.

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