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    I lived in this house for a number of years in the 70's. So, for the record, 5046 S. Greenwood was a double lot on the corner of 51st and Greenwood, across from KAM Isaiah Israel. The 51st St side of the lot was just fenced lawn...wrought iron fence standing on a cement base a foot or two high. The driveway was on the north side of the house, going from Greenwood and heading directly west, past the port cochere, to the coach house.  It makes lots of sense to divide the parcel into two, as that huge lawn was plenty big for a second home.

    A bit of history, as an aside. The house had been owned by the uncle of Leopold (Leopold and Loeb murdered Bobby Franks. Bobby's house was on 51st St, a couple blocks west of this property. After the scandal Uncle Leopold gave the property to KAM, and supposedly left town in shame. I can't vouch for that. The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod purchased the property, intending to tear it down and build a large church structure. In the meantime, they used the first floor as a church and the staff lived on the 2nd and 3rd floors. The Lutherans sold the home to a private party sometime in the early 80's, as I recall.

    It's a great building, and the purchase price doesn't seem out of line for similar homes in the neighborhood. Although you can't park across the street in from of the KAM entrance, there's plenty of street parking, the garage/coachhouse, and a very long driveway.

    Just wanted to correct some misperceptions about the property.


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