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    Is that quote supposed to bother me?
    My response would be, "yeah, but as long as the government IS handing out marriage certificates, they have to do it fairly."
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    Hey, there've been a few times where I've called Matt a prick too, but I think you people are wrong on this one.  

    Just because he can't immediately provide the original source for the quote doesn't mean that his information is untrustworthy.
    Give this a bit of time and check out my post from a bit earlier.  It appears to me that not only did Lieberman say homosexuality is wrong, he called it an unacceptable way to live.

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    Can't find it, but this was interesting:
    http://old.newhavenadvocate.com/articles /lieberman2.html

    The reporter says:
    "You said at the time that homosexuality is not an acceptable lifestyle choice, that it is not OK to be gay, it's not as good a choice as being heterosexual."

    Lieberman does not directly respond.  It's probably in the Congressional Record or something.

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    I trust someone will be able to find the source material before long.
    Again...this has been floating around since 2003.  If it was inaccurate, surely Lieberman would have said something about it.

    If the quote does prove to be true, I think its resurrection will be quite damaging.

    Googling for this brought up all sorts of stuff I didn't even know about Lieberman.  He's advocated prayer in school.  He apparently opposes affirmative action.
    The dude's a Connecticut Strom Thurmond.

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    They just got an e-mail saying that they're not getting any more of my money.  Is NGLTF any better?

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    though it would be nice to have a link to the original comment in the New Haven newspaper, he obviously said it.
    The source provided is three years old.  There have been dozens of mentions of that specific quote in all types of media.
    If the quote weren't accurate, Lieberman wouldn't let it stand.
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    Jefferson's actions are indefensible and it does not matter how the FBI discovered the cash.

    Someone ask these CBC members what innocent explanation there could possibly be for $90K in the freezer.  And while they're tripping over their tongues trying not to sound too stupid, lets get the ball rolling on some primary challenges.  

  • Nutsack is too fat to be president.  Plus, he doesn't know the words to the pledge of allegiance.
    I'd vote for his wife though.  She's great.
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    Haha.  Even with those explicit instructions, a bunch of dingbats screwed it up.  Unless Feingold is that unpopular around here.

  • I still think MoveOn should push the OpEd theme that only Connecticut members were voting in this online primary and that Joe couldn't be bothered with them.
    If Lieberman's going to claim that MoveOn members are all a bunch of loonies, I think it should be made clear that he's specifically trashing his own constituents, because they're the only ones who could vote.
  • He's dissing his own constituents
    The Moveon voting was only for Connecticut residents, so basically he's saying that his own neighbors aren't worth his breath.
    What an ass.
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    Why wouldn't he make a reasonable plea on behalf of the interests that he shares with moveon members?  This is just dumb.

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    To previous posters:  I saw the Wellstone ads.  They were refreshingly different.  And his school bus, which was kinda the mascot of his ads, was seen all over Minnesota.  That tie-in made those ads effective.

    What's the point of having Markos, a Californian, in these ads?  It plays to criticism that Lamont doesn't have much home state support and is the product of nerdy internet rabblerousers.

    There are a hundred images in my mind right now that would be more effective than this nonsense.  Quote editorials, show Connecticut delegates for Lamont, have Ned talking about the future with his wife and family.  
    Just don't have him playing checkers with the Teletubbies, though that would be less odd than this commercial.

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    As much as I love Kos, I have Democratic-voting relatives in Connecticut who have heard of him, but have no idea what he looks like.  If they see these commercials, they'll wonder who the hell this goofy guy is on the couch with Ned.


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