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    Hey, more power to ya, Nathan, I admire anyone who gets that involved.  But your candidate is an arrogant gasbag.
    As an Iowa youth, I worked for his '88 campaign and met him a couple of times.  He handled the plagiarism thing very poorly and by the time he dropped out of the race, most of his supporters were happy to move on.
    Recently he's been insulting John Kerry and Al Gore for making religious voters feel unloved or something, and for being weak on foreign policy.
    I thought that was Joe Lieberman and Harold Ford's job.
    Biden is self-serving, holier-than-thou, grandiose and loves to hear himself talk.  He gives me a freakin headache.
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    My guess is McCain.  His ego won't be able to tolerate campaigning on the cheap.  My guess is right around Labor Day.
    It'll be kinda sad, really.  Once the media's favorite "populist" "Maverick," now just a tired, old war hag.
  • It would be a dream come true for Latham to challenge Harkin.  He represents my hometown in north-central Iowa, and it would be a truly competitive open seat.  As much as I like Selden Spencer, a farmer would be a stronger candidate in the district.
    As desmoinesdem points out, Latham is unknown in eastern Iowa.  Republicans that have given Harkin a scare have had a base there.  Given the political climate, and Iowans' restlessness over Iraq, the race wouldn't even be close.
    I doubt Latham runs though.
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    Or Mark Warner?  I've been a fan of the Senator for years; Warner would have been a very strong contender.  I wouldn't be pining for Gore quite so much if I could vote for Russ.
    For now I'm supporting Edwards, but I'm not a Johniac.  I haven't been swept up in a movement, like I was at this time in 2003.
    As many commenters have said, any of the leading contenders will get my vote in the general election, but I really don't like "triangulation." Hillary's a descendent of it, Barack has embraced it.  
    As an Illinois resident, I'm most disappointed in Barack. He won our primary by being the most passionately and historically progressive.  We thought we had elected a Wellstone, not a Clinton.
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    From what I've seen, Ray LaHood has never liked Congress, frequently feuding with his leadership, even when they were in the majority.  His closest ally has always been Denny Hastert.  I'm willing to bet that LaHood goes to Bradley and Hastert retires.

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    Here's the reply I got to my complaint to the Kucinich campaign about his participation in the Fox News debate.

    information@kucinich.us wrote:

    Thank you for your comments, Steve. Well, I am wondering why folks are not upset at all the candidates for having pages on myspace...brought to you by the same folks who bring you Fox. It is a puzzlement, for sure.
    In hope and peace,

    Kucinich for President

    I replied:

    When myspace starts laying out a right wing agenda and not letting their liberal users' pages be seen, I won't have anything to do with myspace.
    What Dennis is doing is an act of appeasement from one of our own in a righteous battle against Faux News.

    Grassroots Progressive

  • Strangely, that's not true.  Several of my liberal friends watch it just to get pissed off.  They say it's important to know what the idiots are thinking.
    They all say, however, that Democrats would be fools to voluntarily set themselves up for partisan humiliation by going on a Fox debate.
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    I used to respect Dennis' Green-leaning views, but if he can't see what Fox is trying to do, I can't trust his judgment. Period.
    On the other hand, Fox News is trying to build its credibility and what could Dennis possibly contribute to that?
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    I can't get disappointed in the failure to override, because that was a foregone conclusion.
    But seeing names like Chris Shays, Heather Wilson, Peter King and Mark Kirk sticking with Bush makes me gleeful.  They're doomed.
  • he still has that (R) next to his name.  If we're still in Iraq, with no withdrawal plan, in 11/08, Midwesterners will rebel.  Coleman's voting record will kill him, regardless of his pandering equivocation.
    Harkin isn't vulnerable at all.  Ideal scenario would be that Republican Congressman Tom Latham challenged him.  Latham's seat is itching to flip to the Dems too.
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    I wonder how much Fox paid.  I bet it was a handsome amount.  I would love to know how much it costs to buy the CBC.

  • I thought Obama announced awhile ago that he wouldn't participate because of scheduling conflicts.  Maybe that was a different Nevada debate.

  • Yeah, but lots of those old folks (my grandparents included) will do anything that a Kennedy asks them to.  Teddy hit the state hard for Kerry over the last couple of weeks and I think that made a big difference.
    That's why I chose "the establishment" from your poll choices.  Please tell me it wasn't the orange hats.
  • Well, I told them that if they didn't caucus for Dean, I wouldn't come home for Christmas.  I'm fortunate in that my family listens to what I say politically, especially when I blackmail them.  
    But they definitely preferred Edwards to Dean.  They thought he was "nice."
  • My family, in Osage and Cedar Rapids, wanted to caucus for Edwards but I made them go for Dean.
    I bet Edwards wins Iowa big.


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