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    Your comparison to Feingold is dead on.  He and Claypool are certainly the Feingolds of the county commission.  Quigley's been a populist, civil rights, good government guy forever, but I'm absolutely amazed that he won.
    Early on, I asked a friend who he was supporting and he said, "Sara, natch."  That was such a predominant response, that, though I pushed for Geoghegan, I knew I wasn't getting anywhere; I really thought Feigenholtz was a shoe-in.  (That wouldn't have been bad, either.)
    Although he is an elected county board member, I kinda thought that Quigley had become a "perennial candidate."  He's been politically hyper-ambitious for so long that I didn't take this run seriously.  I thought he'd get 8 or 9 percent, as he has so many times before.
    He'll be a good Congressional progressive, and member of the progressive caucus, because he's been an exceptional grassroots progressive in Chicago.
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    He's highly intelligent, thoroughly independent of machine politics and a solid progressive.

  • I wasn't even a Barack supporter in the primaries and I was offended by Ferraro's comments.
    She's too old, potentially racist, and not a team player.  
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    The RBC was generous to Clinton.  In Michigan's illicit primary, in which hers was the only name on the ballot, she received 55% of the vote.  Yesterday's vote gave her 54% of the delegates.  

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    Not everyone who thinks this was an asinine post is an Obama supporter.  I voted for Edwards in my primary even though he had dropped out long before.  If there was a front page post on DK calling Hillary a Democratic Ann Coulter, I would be disgusted by that too.
    You're really better than this and mydd doesn't deserve it.  This blog isn't all about you, Jerome.  
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    I've avoided commenting on mydd for awhile (probably since Bowers left), but this is just over-the-top, Jerome.  It's being incendiary to remain relevant.

  • This is a Republican district and Foster wouldn't have a chance if Chris Lauzen had won the GOP nomination.  Oberweis is a jackass and the sizeable chunk of Republicans that realize it are likely to stay home on Saturday.  If the Dems get their voters out, Foster will win this.

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    I appreciate every comment from Russ Feingold.  He and Tom Harkin are my favorite senators and have been for years.  But the contrast Feingold draws is too stark.  The change in Edwards has been gradual, and progressive.
    I've seen John speak a number of times over the last  six years or so.  I've come to the conclusion that his work on poverty issues since the last election, and his time in Iowa, impacted him substantially.
    Still I acknowledge Feingold's point.  The Edwards that spoke at the JJ Dinner in Des Moines in 2007 and the one who spoke in 2003 had different stances on the Patriot Act and the war in Iraq, and John sincerely regrets those votes and has spoken at length about it.
    Feingold is accusing Edwards of being disingenuous.  I suspect that he never went to one of John's townhall meetings in Iowa.  
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    I think Edwards said it right.  I've heard emotion in his voice many times (about poverty, health care issues, jobs).  Hillary's getting emotional about what?  Her political circumstances?  Whether it was calculated or not, it was silly.  Sure, she's more qualified than Barack, but is that something to get choked up about?  She oughtta know by now that politics is fickle.
    She's still my second choice though.  Barack is now the front-runner, but John Edwards deserves to be.
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    It was an excellent speech, but, to me, emotionally detached.  I've heard most of those hopeful platitudes from him many times before.  Barack is my senator, and, though I'll be happy to vote for him if he is the nominee, he is not my progressive senator. That's Dick Durbin.  We all know what Dick believes; we're not so sure about Barack.
    Frankly, I don't understand the Obama appeal. Maybe, at 40, I'm too old to get it.  There was a similar surge with young and independent voters in his Senate primary here.  He was the overwhelming choice of anti-war voters, but never showed up at an anti-war event and rarely mentioned Iraq in his Senate bid.
    I think he won our Senate race because he's charismatic, attractive, and different (African American).  I think he won Iowa for those same reasons.  Those things seem kind of shallow to me.
  • King won't run.  The only GOP reps that made it close against Harkin were those who had some sort of base in the more heavily populated eastern part of the state.
    King lacks the resources and stature to make the race competitive.  
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    At about this point in 2003, Gephardt's camp went ballistic on Dean, in what one of Gephardt's staffer's later referred to as a "murder-suicide."
    They knew they didn't have a chance beyond Iowa, and they conspired with the DNC and other campaigns to prevent Dean's ascendancy.  They intentionally framed it as a Dean v. Gephardt race, and Iowans rejected both of them because of it.
    Kerry was victorious in Iowa because of union and establishment support.  This time those factors are divided and there's little potential for the divisive tactics employed in 2003.
    Edwards or Clinton will win Iowa, with a serious establishment edge for Clinton.  Obama's strength is too concentrated in urban areas, as Dean's was four years ago.
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    OK.  Thanks.  I missed that.  I check mydd several times a day, so I must have seen the other frontpagers.  I guess only the Biden ones get me riled up.

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    I was completely respectful.  There is no way Joe Biden will win any primary or caucus.  Maybe Delaware's.  That's not disrespectful, that's just common sense.
    I like the idea of spotlighting candidates on mydd, but this paean to Biden is over the top.  I haven't seen anything similar for any of the other candidates.
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    As I've said before, I admire your dedication, but how the hell does the front page of mydd.com become a soapbox for Joe Biden?
    Biden is about as progressive as Hillary.
    Sorry, Nathan, but Joementum ain't happening.


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