What does Biden bring to the ticket...................not much

I'm somewhat bewildered by the praise being lavished by some of the MSM talking heads over the Biden pick. Maybe it's just me, but I don't think this is a good choice at all.

First, people are touting Biden as a foreign affairs guru, and saying that he helps BO on one of his key weaknesses. I'll buy that....somewhat, but there's a major problem with this line if thinking. On the key issue BO has been pushing throughout his political campaign, Biden voted FOR the Iraq war. I thought this was BO's problem with Hillary? Oh, and how exactly does the BO camp balance this issue out when attacking McCain? Even more, Biden draws a sharp contrast on experience when it comes to events in Russia and Pakistan. Some think Biden will fill this gap, BUT, I think the reverse will happen and people will think foreign policy will be dictated by the VP(not a good thought), and highlight BO's lack of foriegn experience. Clark would have been a much better choice is BO wanted to fill that resume hole.

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The Hypocrisy of Olbermann: My open letter to KO

You know Mr. Olbermann, I used to respect you. Mr. Olbermann, I used to support you by watching your show. Mr. Olbermann, I used to defend you from the GOP attack dogs. But no more. I don't respect you anymore, you're biased. I don't support you anymore, Countdown is off my TV. And I won't defend you against GOP hacks anymore. Your ridiculous slam against Senator Clinton this morning on DailyKos was out of line. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2008/05/02 /olbermann-clintons-oreill_n_99858.html

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DailyKos has started the "Neo-Liberal" movement

I say this not with pleasure, but with great sadness. What has become of DaliyKos? I post this diary here because MyDD is one of the last refuges for those of us who care about discussion and not defamation. I post this diary here because I have been censored like many others, from posting on the Kos site. I post this diary here because at a time when we need to be united as one, a prominent "progressive" blog site has become a haven for propaganda, where anyone who dares to even question anything about Obama or their agenda is troll-rated.

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Bosnia, MSM dropout attacks, have no effect on Hillary. 62% want her to fight on!

Despite the media's best efforts, Hillary is still standing where she was last week. WSJ has here tied with Obama, Rasmussen has her up by 2%. They did their worse to her , yet her campaign still thrives. http://www.rasmussenreports.com/public_c ontent/politics/election_20082/2008_pres idential_election/daily_presidential_tra cking_poll

Even more telling is a poll I doubt you'll hear the MSM talk about which has 62% of Democrats wanting neither candidate to dropout yet. http://www.rasmussenreports.com/public_c ontent/politics/election_20082/22_of_dem ocrats_want_clinton_to_drop_out_22_say_o bama_should_withdraw

Here are a few key points:

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Overheard in the Emercency Room

Last night, I took my friend to the emergency room (she had a severe ankle sprain after she fell down some stairs). While in the waiting room, a few of the other people there struck up a political discussion with the check-in nurse, and it was really interesting to hear.

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The Obama Myth

During this Democratic nomination process, we have focussed on many things....the Wright videos, questions about race & religion, passports, and experience. But one fact is being overlooked: Barack Obama has pretty much no chance of winning the GE.

Obama's camp and supporters like to tout him as being "the most electable", but clearly this is not the case. If Romney or Huckabee were the GOP nominee, then yes, he would be the obvious choice. Sadly, McCain poses a different challenge, and undercuts Obama's support across the board.

Here's the hard proof that Obama has no shot at beating McCain:

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