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    we have a national security state. It's not just Afghanistan and Iraq, let's talk drug war. He drops the rhetoric and says no more 'war on drugs' and then forces seven bases on Colombia.

    It's ridiculous.

    A trillion dollar war, a complete waste of money. But it's corporate welfare for Lockheed and Boeing and Halliburton and Xe and the list goes on an on.

    We need to wake up to the fact that we live in a predatory state where corporate elites raid the public treasury for their benefit.

  • Well, they, the Social Democrats, won the most votes and hence get the right to make the first attempt to form a government but it's pretty evident that the next government will be led by the Civic Democratic party.

    The CCP gets a disproportionate share of the vote from those 60 and older who grew up under communism. 

    The results are disappointing no doubt but compared to how other left of centre parties have fared, this ain't that bad. In Hungary, the left was simply massacred and we didn't do that well in Britain either.

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    Seems like a non-event. I wasn't even aware that a presser had been scheduled.

    I am still fuming over his war on drugs. Like with all things Obama, he says one thing and does another. So while it's great that the Administration is treating drug addiction as a medical issue and not a criminal justice one rhetorically in reality there has been no change in policy. Americans are still having their homes raided and we continue to fumigate across the world destroying everything in sight.

    Come 2012, I won't lift a finger for Obama. 

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    if I didn't talk to myself, no one would listen.

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    what's fun about it?

    He's an idiot, possibly a racist, certainly a nativist. It's shameful that this man is a GOP candidate for the Senate then again it was shameful that Sarah Palin was on the GOP ticket in 2008.

    It's a sad testament to the state of American politics in  2010. I'm scared shitless that this clown might actually win.

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    on your law degree. Best of luck with the Bar Exam.

  • There are those who feel that they have been misled and I think those feelings are valid. Perhaps you weren't among those but there are a number of Obama supporters who supported him early on in the primaries who feel betrayed.

    I'm not one of those since I was an Edwards then Clinton supporter but I know plenty of people who are having buyer's remorse.


  • Glenn Greenwald over at Salon has the most complete articulation of objections.

  • I completely understand your frustration especially given the fact his pending nomination to the Court is going to set the progressive blogs aflame.

    Elana Kagan is unacceptable. I will be most thoroughly put off if as many predict she is the nominee.

    But you're right. Obama is facing a credibility problem. But he also has poor listeners.

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    Not true:

    The UK Conservative Party is more progrseeive (sic) than the USA Democratic party.

    They are anti-immigrant, anti-tax, anti-Europe, anti-science, and global warming deniers.

    The Tories may be more progressive than the US GOP but one that's not saying much and two as a whole the Tories are the most right wing of the major European right wing parties. The Tories are way to the right of Merkel and Sarkozy or even Berlusconi. A Thatcherite ideology remains the core of the UK Conservative party.

    It's clear that the Tories are an English party not a British one. Outside England, they received few votes. The government at Westminster is a British government, not solely an English one. If Clegg truly appreciates Britain, he would best serve British interests by helping to form a truly more broad-based British government and not cow to the most regressive right wing party of size in Europe today. 

    To suggest that Clegg and Cameron are similar individuals is so off the mark. They may both have an elite education but Cameron is married to aristocrat while Clegg has a Spanish born wife. Cameron isn't like Thatcher in the sense that she was British working class, Cameron is the product of rarified England, a blue blood. Clegg is moderately progressive. I'm not really a fan of Clegg or the Lib Dems but Cameron is evil incarnate.

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    Your thoughts on the developments in Arizona and what do you think is the best way forward on comprehensive immigration reform?

  • Because he is a murderer and the grossest violator of human rights in Colombian history. At least 1,200 and perhaps as many 2,000 young innocent poor men were lured to their deaths under his watch.

    I will never vote for Juan Manuel Santos. Never. He is the epitome of machine politics, vote buying and dirty pool. He's never held ANY elected office. Ever office that he has held has been appointive. The epitome of oligarchy in a country where 1.64% of the population owns 65% of land, the third most unequal distribution of land in the Americas after Haiti and Bolivia. 

    Una mancha negra sobre lo que hizo Uribe fue la gestión de Santos en MiniDefensa. Ojalá se lo lleven al Ecuador para que se haga justicia. El problema sigue siendo la impunidad y Juan Manual Santos representa lo peor de Colombia mientras Antanas Mockus representa lo mejor que nuestro tiene que ofrecer.

    Ustedes los Santistas tienen que ver que Colombia bajo Uribe fue el único país adonde la desigualdad social incrementó en la América del Sur. El único. El peor problema de desempleo en Latino América Colombia. El mayor violador de derechos humanos, Colombia bajo Uribe. Más sindicalistas asesinados en Colombia que en el resto del mundo combinado. El tercer país en el mundo en términos de desplazados internos después de Afghanistan y Sudan.  Que compañía es esa. Vergüenza, vergüenza.

    La vida es sagrada, los recursos públicos son sagrados. ¡Antanas Presidente!


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    to put politics before values. I vote my values. If Blanche Lincoln represents the values of the Democratic Party, then those are not my values.

    I'm beginning to think outside the tent. I am not sure that the rest of the country is there yet, but I am certainly there. And there means leaving the Democratic party for something more in tune with my values. If we never take this step, then we will always have Blanche Lincolns to contend with. There are progressive voices in Arkansas. A close friend of mine, Barry Kendall, is from Arkansas and he heads a progressive think tank. We can chose to be a political force. Lead and people will follow because I do believe most sincerely that progressive values are American values.

  • but if I were in Florida, I'd vote for Crist. Anything to keep Rubio out of the Senate.

    Something funky going on with the permalinks, I got one earlier that was just 3 letters . . .grr

  • Do you realize that you're putting politics before people?

    Are you dense or just callous? I'm stunned that anyone on this blog would even entertain such a notion. 


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