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    Is there a chance that Biden won't be on the ticket in 2012?

    I would think that Bayh on the ticket would be a kiss of death for Obama among progressives.

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    Impressive. Did you know number 5 or was that through the process of elimination?

    I read that "The Right Nation: Conservative Power in America" by John Micklethwait and Adrian Wooldridge. It was such a memorable description of George Herbert Walker Bush.

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    Ronald Wilson Reagan was born in Tampico, Illinois.

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    Thank you for introducing yourself. 

  • The video was from the Sasquatch Music Festival at the Columbia Gorge (your old stomping grounds).

    Pretty remarkable. 

    Yeah, the whole follower/following meme is rather insightful. It's the followers that make a movement. Nurturing them makes sense. Getting them involved is what brings about the change. If it's all about the leader, then nothing happens but if it is about them, then something happens.

    There's a lesson in there for Obama. At some point, he failed to energize his followers. They got him elected then tuned out. But that's not the way it supposed to be. He (and Michelle Obama made this point in a speech back in February 2008 at UCLA just before Super Tuesday) was going to engage the American people, make them work. He hasn't. Poof, the movement petered out. 

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    Mario Díaz-Balart jointly announced that he would run for the seat.


  • Mitch Daniels would be a formidable candidate.

  • Mozambique is one place that I have been dying to get to.

    You should look at the land mine issues while you are there. That too would make a great post. I've enjoyed following your travels throughout East-Central Africa.

    Africa is a such a passion in my life. Thanks for highlighting the issues.

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    Well the argument that the Mongols ran out of steam is fair and no doubt the further west they went the more sedentary and established states they encountered. Even so the Mongols overran northern India, the Burmese empire and the Persians but failed to conquer Poland.

    I didn't mention but it was a Polish army in 1685 that saved Europe when the Ottoman Turks were at the Gates of Vienna. Otherwise we might all be Muslims today.

    Still, I think Paul Krugman is over doing the analogy. No doubt, Poland then faced and US now faces flawed institutional design. In Poland's case it led to the partition of the country. In our case, it is more likely to lead to a break-up.


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    On the plus side, I like the Twitter functionality.

    Kyle is also great. He's been very helpful in addressing issues.

    Nonetheless, I have to say that MyDD4 was easier to use and a cleaner look. But I'll share those thoughts via email.

    Glad to hear you enjoy CR.

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    to have face the press at some point. There will be debates moderated by the major news networks.

    She will wilt, not to suggest that she is standing tall. Even on Free Republic, there are those who think she is an idiot. No doubt more Freepers support her no questions act.

    She's facile and unable to think critically but her core problem is that she is just plain stupid. Her knowledge of the world is extremely limited, hence she spouts talking points.

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    She is going to have to get through a grueling debate schedule even before the Iowa caucuses. Each offers the opportunity for a pratfall or a self-immolation.

    If even these highly scripted events end up being disasters, what can we expect when is forced to think fast and on her feet?

  • My apologies. I meant debt.

    That's what I get for writing this at 1:30 am after getting home from dancing.


    You cite GDP growth under Reagan but what you fail to ask is how was that financed and who did it benefit. The Reagan boom wasn't a boom in productive assets but rather an aggrandizement of financial assets. And it sowed the seeds of what has become the national problem: a worrisome gap in social inequality.

  • FPI is a $600 million a year business. I'll make that clearer. Thanks.

  • you can't read.

    I said national debt not annual budget deficits. There is a difference.Debt more than tripled from 900 billion dollars to 2.8 trillion dollars during Reagan's tenure.

    And just for the record by tenure, the largest increases in gross debt relative to GDP occurred under George H.W. Bush (+11.2%), George W. Bush (+11.9%), and Ronald Reagan (+18.5%). Yeah, that's right our debt problem is largely the result of GOP administrations.

    And to be fair to Ronald Reagan, he called the debt the "greatest disappointment" of his Presidency. So even your own hero was cognizant of his failings.


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