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    I am not endorsing the Merida Intiative. That was simply a straight report of what it purports to want to do. What I am saying is that it is an under-reported story as the crisis grow worse by the day and requires a greater airing.

    The LA Times is running an excellent series on Mexico's troubles.

  • Frankly if those with experience have led to this, I daresay we couldn't do much worse could we?

    It's not like she isn't intelligent or well-trained. She has had an amazing life experience and is much more grounded than many of her more political cousins.

    There was a time in this country when people went to Washington and then served the public interest for a few years and then left. Now we have a revolving door between government and corporations. A Federal bureaucracy is the place for experts, the Congress is a place for citizens.

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    I should add that many Iranian blogs are based in London or outside Iran.


    Based in Toronto.

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    I remember reading once that Iran had some 75,000 bloggers. I think it a function of a) it's a young country (ie a large population under 30) and b) it provides an avenue to circumvent a restrictive media environment.

    Venezuela is another country where blogging has exploded. It seems that Hugo Chavez and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad do have some things in common.

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    I'm just thankful Patterson is making this decision and not Spitzer.

    On Kennedy, her biggest plus I'd say is that she isn't a career politician. I like the out of the box thinking actually.

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    In Colombia, we went through hell. But Mexico seems already worse in some respects. The beheadings are surreal. The mystery over the Interior Minister's plane crash.

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    Well it is over ten a day across all of Mexico but the toll is highest in Baja Norte, Chihuahua, Sinaloa and Coahuila. This just reminds me of Colombia in 1983 when we began our descent into madness.

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    Agreed. Dion must go for the sake of the Liberals. Too much of an academic.

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    I could talk electoral systems all night long. But if you go the other extreme to proportional representation then you end up with Israel. I forget the number of parties in Canada but it's in double digits though I suppose only five major parties.

    Last week I read a Vermont pamphleteer who wants to break Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine off and join them with the Maritimes and form a new nation of New Acadia. Not sure if he wanted to include Newfoundland in the mix.

    I must say it's really nice to see folks discuss politics outside the US.

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    Like I said, it's one of the most under-reported stories of the year and it requires attention.

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    Meth is a huge problem. In Oregon, some absurd proportion of all crimes are meth related.

    While meth is generally cooked in the US, the ingredients to make are brought in from Mexico. Mexico is not a manufacturer of ephedrine, the key ingredient in crystal meth. But the country's pharmaceutical sector is a major importer, buying mostly from China and India. Ephedrine you would think would be easy to control. Only nine factories worldwide manufacture it because it requires a specialized chemical process. But Big Pharma is opposed to any worldwide regulation of the trade.

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    And people think Canadian politics bland. There are a number of subsets here. There is a deep regional cleavage. The West especially resource-rich Alberta is Tory blue but population rich Ontario and Quebec just don't care for Harper and the Conservatives. Harper fell short of a majority by what 12 votes or something like that so it's a minority government. While I disargee with it, the prorogue manuever was brillant if cowardly Parliamentary speaking. Harper is now going to take his case to the people who just don't want another indecisive election. And it has been lost that what drove the Liberals, the NDP and the BQ into each other's arms was that Harper was going to cut off public financing of political parties. It's all really fascinating to watch.

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    I just can't imagine Chris Matthews in the Senate. Would Michael Nutter make a run?

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    I agree. The divided government argument is suspect at this point. Demographics is political destiny and until the GOP can make a pitch to minorities and women, I suspect that they will be wandering in a political desert for quite some time to come confined to the Mountain West, the Prairies and the South. The GOP is finished in New England, on its death bed in the middle Atlantic and the industrial Midwest. In the West, I suspect Hispanics will make races in NV, CO, NM and AZ increasingly competitive. We will win more than we lose.

    The GOP has been reduced to the deep South and less Hispanic parts of the Prairies and Mountain West.

  • Very well put.


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