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    A great point.

  • You're too kind but I am afraid my modeling days are behind me.

    On the substance of your post, I agree. I was never a gay activist until the Texas sodomy law was struck down. That sort of opened the flood gates for me leading me to think that yes perhaps change in my lifetime was possible.

    Coincidentally, tonight here in the Castro I ran into Howard Wallace who organized the Coors boycott along with Harvey Milk back in the 1970s. We chatted about a number of things but it struck me that sort of alliance between gays and labor is missing. It's worth exploring again a broader base social movement beyond just "gay" issues.

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    I am always well-behaved except when I am not.

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    Thanks, that's a clever rant and it seems that we have added another $100 billion to the National Debt since I lasted looked at the numbers which was just at the start of the month. That speaks volumes.

    Never forget.

  • In a confessional democracy, political seats and appointments are distributed among the different confessional groups in the country, based on demographic and social calculations.  Lebanon is the main confessional democracy.  

  • She was a great professor but a horrible provost in my view. I'll never forgive her for she did to the branch libraries.

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    the numbers are indeed frightful. but unlike the spending of the past eight years which went to the bottomless pit that is Iraq and reckless military spending, Obama's plan is focused on measures that should enhance domestic productivity.

    What I object to most strenuously is McConnell thinking he knows on what's on Americans' minds. He clearly does not. His comments are noise for the sake of noise. Let him filibuster. I dare him.

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    "the idea of Mr. Netanyahu as the Obama candidate of Israel seems mystifying"

    to say the least.

  • You're right, I should have said a word or two on Nepal and  on Bhutan as well. I suppose in the end I focused on the Maldives because there the transition came about peacefully and because it's an Islamic country. Nepal's transition is noteworthy, don't get me wrong, but if I had to pick a country that's turned the corner it would be the Maldives and not Nepal.

    I also thought about framing this in a left versus right format but apart from Spain and Slovenia, it was pretty bad year for the left. Helen Clark's tenure in NZ came to an end but that's nothing compared to the surge of the right in Austria.

  • This defies credibility. I don't for a moment believe that Bush reads. I don't think he even watches the news. He lacks any and all curiosity.

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    They may not have a clue, that is true, but Holman Jenkins has a podium and an audience. The nature and visciousness of this economic debacle needs to be clearly and desively pinned on those who caused it.

    My bete noire is Arthur Laffer. Yours?

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    While changing the marginal tax rate may be warranted. I think you miss or downplay the real cause of the disaster. The change in the dividend and capital gains tax rates. That is was all but guaranteed the massive injection of leverage into the system while masking the risk. Corporate profits rose as a percentage of GDP to 1920's levels because corporations were encouraged to disperse profits instead of longer term capital investment.

    You're right or perhaps more precise than I was. This is the issue. I more wanted to articulate a quick and rapid response to Mr. Jenkins. But included in my definitive of progressive tax poilyc is a redressing of the capital gains and dividend tax rates. Thanks.

  • Interesting story, thanks.

    Mr. DeChristopher's winning bid was $1.8 million so it's quite a bit more than you suspect.

    Undoing the Mining Law of 1872 would be a good objective to have.

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    Franken in the Senate is a true gift.

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    Actually, faith in President-elect Obama's management style I do have.  What I don't want to see is a distracting turf war over who owns which policy.

    The key line in the post is

    To a degree, some clarification of the role Mrs. Clinton is hoping to carve out is required.

    Perhaps I should have made this point stronger. Mrs. Clinton has a strong voice and will be a powerful advocate. That's not a bad thing obviously and she will be a key player in rebuilding the US image abroad but Geithner shouldn't be overshadowed when it comes to economic policy. That's my point.

    The comment about burka wearing is rich given that I supported Mrs. Clinton for President. Just to be clear I wouldn't want any Secretary of State overshawdowing a Secretary of the Treasury when it comes to the economy. One of the problems of the Bush years is that we haven't had any leadership at Treasury. I think President Obama will remedy that, in fact, I think he already has started on that path.


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