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    The only reason that GDP has expanded near 20% is because of the borrowing. When all is said and done, we have witnessed a transfer of wealth to the richest one-tenth of one percent of Americans. Those are the winners from the Bush years.

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    Damn, I was looking forward to trouncing him.

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    I think you hit the nail on the head actually. Panetta knows what Intelligence Briefings should look like plus he's competent and very focused.

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    I agree with you on the oversight but generally speaking the President deserves to have his team confirmed. I am more concerned about Admiral Dennis  Blair's role in Timor Leste in 1999. If he disobeyed orders from the Clinton Administration to deliver a message to Indonesia's military authorities then he clearly is not fit to be Director of National Intelligence. Expect to hear more in the coming days from Indonesia experts on Admiral Blair.

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    Sweet doesn't even begin to describe this victory. Franken is a good man. Minnesota nice. I remember one of his many appearances on Letterman and what struck me was they spent their time talking about mid-western values. Values. It's something missing from our political discourse.

    I am also thrilled because this likely has the conservatives', especially the Freepers', panties all tied up in knots.

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    A good question. Moreover, what are we willing to fight for? And I do mean fight. Note that I am spoiling for a fight with conservatives, but I certainly won't shrink from one either.

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    And the gall of all this is that Jeb intends  to run as a "limited government" Republican.

    I'm pretty sure that a Senate run is a done deal.

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    Great post. Bold he must be and it's our job to embolden him when he waivers.

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    Ethiopia is best in the Spring. It's a large country though and best travelled by bus. Somalia is really only accessible in the north, Puntland. Not sure if there are flights other than private or relief ones. I've been meaning to blog on Africa, especially Somalia and Zimbabwe. Just haven't gotten the chance as yet.

    Ethiopia is stunning.

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    Petra is on my list. It comes highly recommended. Also St. Catehrine's Monastery at the base of Mt. Sinai, oldest continously used monastery in the world. Forget if it's Armenian or Greek Othrodox.

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    What did you think of Bogotá? First time in Colombia? I am always curious of others think of my homeland.

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    It is our war. We are part of NATO and this is a NATO operation. The war on terror was always in Afghanistan. You overlook the fact that the Taliban when in power gave safehaven to Al-Qaeda. Bin-Laden and other senior members of Al-Qaeda had freedom of movement and used Afghanistan as their staging ground for global terrorism.

    To allow the return of Taliban to power would be a serious mistake in my view. They terrorized the population to such an extent that even art was banned. Women weren't allowed to learn to read and write. I don't believe in cultural relativism. Evil is evil and the Taliban defines evil.

    That the Bush Administration has mismanaged the Afghan war from the start cannot be denied. They have tried to fight it from the air to minimize US casualities. Unfortunately, winning the war in Afghanistan and now likely Pakistan will require boots on the ground and yes that's likely to bring more US and NATO casualities. That's unavoidable unfortunately. At the same time however, we need to rebuild Afghanistan. This is war we can also win by winning hearts and minds. That means more roads, clinics, and schools and more than likely a legalization of opium poppy production. I doubt there is the political will for the latter objective but it is not clear to me what other economic alternative the Afghan people have. It would also help if we realized that Afghanistan in the long run is going to be a failed state given its deep ethnic cleavages so pursuing a partition or perhaps the return of a constitutional monarch might be ideas worth considering but again too often our policy makers fail to think outside the box. There are no easy answers when it comes to Afghanistan but the return of the Taliban must be avoided at all costs.

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    Just last week, she absorbed $13 million of her remaining debt. Clinton's campaign still owes about $6.3 million to various vendors but of that $5.3 million is owed to Mark Penn.

    And that's the problem.

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    Well, I think we may an opportunity to end the Cuba embargo under Obama. At least, I am hopeful of a new direction on Cuba.

    On US-Israeli ties, we are caught between a rock and hard place. It's almost as if the world is held hostage to this conflict.

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    Yes you're right Bangladesh is voting as we speak and the turnout is heavy!


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