• I couldn't agree more. Moreover their notion of self-importance is beyond bizarre. They think themselves a movement of ten million.

    They recently got into a blog war with Wonkette. It was hilarious.

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    Geez, he's from South Carolina. Quelle surprise.

  • the whole damn thing, I can honestly say that this is offensive and riddled with factual errors.

  • So says Grover Norquist in his new book "Leave Us Alone" which only proves he is not just insane but blind. He takes a map of CA by county in the 2004 election to prove his point. And bingo it's mostly red. Pity no one leaves in those areas but he can continue to delude himself.

    Apparently urban California does not count in the mind of Grover Norquist.

  • Some 2,500 banks are S-corporations.

  • Ah The Confluence, aka the Cesspool. They have actually launched a new website, Pumasphere. It's a coalition of 30 some-odd blogs. The ringleaders are Darryl Murphy of PumaPac, Kimberley Haas (aka Riverbottom formerly Goldberry at the DK) and Sherri Taggles who has a photoshop obsession with Obama, she loves to dress him in diapers and then call him "Pampers". Among the founding blogs of the Pumasphere is one called Team Sarah devoted to espousing the values that Sarah Palin brings to politics. Yes because no one else comes to policy positions of Hillary Rodham Clinton like Sarah Palin. The Pumas are rank amateurs, complete neophytes when it comes to politics. I attended one of their conference calls early on. To call it chaotic is to assign a level of order that it can only aspire to. Anarchists are better organized.

    Their latest project is campaigning for Harriet Christian as the next Senator for New York. They even interviewed the poor woman. The opening question was "What made you get involved in politics? Was it 9/11?"

    I kid you not.

    The other amusing part of the Cesspool is that they constantly get involved in blog wars with other liberal or progressive blogs. It's hysterical to read their threads. Beats Free Republic for sheer comedic lunacy. Every time they get questioned about being a liberal blog, Riverbottom writes a post call read our credo. I've been tempted to fire back and tell her to read her blog. The common denominator is Obama hate pure, simple and unadulterated. They seek to be outraged for the sake of being outraged. They love to talk about how "tolerant" they are even though they constantly disparage any and all Obama supporters as "obots" and then any time someone happens to leave a dissenting voice, it is quickly banished. It's all quite amusing.

  • Not to mention time.

  • Here's a report in English:

    Ezzeldeen Abu al-Aish's Tragedy

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    Thanks for introducing me to the Reading Liberally group. Surprisingly, there isn't one for San Francisco, so it seems like I will have to start one.

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    Too funny. I wonder how "oh my god" moments Boehner will have during the Obama Administration. The more the merrier.

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    I hadn't. Thanks. It is amazing how rich the diaries are on myDD.

  • I think you're right. I really would love to hear his explanation on it though I don't he'll ever be completely candid on the matter.

    I have always said that Obama is a just another politician with attributes and flaws. One of my bigger criticisms was that I thought that his was the politics of expediency. I'll do what I can, not what I should.

    But I really would like to know what he actually he himself believes in.

  • Yours is a "separate but equal" argument and it does not fly. The reason "marriage" is important is that word confers thousands of rights universally. It's not enough that I might be able to marry in Massachusetts or Connecticut and yet have that marriage not recognized everywhere else. My marriage rights have to be national. I hope you can understand that.

    I have never been a gay activist but I am rapidly becoming one. I want an explanation on how he could go in reverse on this issue. I honestly feel betrayed. Not that I am going to throw the baby out with the bathwater either. I do realize that "saving the country" is more important. But it seems when it comes to trampling rights, it's okay to trample mine because after all I am only gay. What choice do I have but to vote Democratic?

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    Wow, you just gained a fan.

    Charles Lemos
    San Francisco, CA

  • There are actually pirates off the Mosquito Coast. They largely attack yatchs.

    Panama is capable of defending the canal but the canal isn't what it used to be. It's outdated and too small to handle the supersized container ships now used in global trade. Rail across the isthumus now accounts for something like 20% of goods crossing Panama. The notion that Venezuela is going to block the canal is just plain nonsense. Chavez may be an ass but he's not an idiot. He's largely bluster. Trust me, I am no fan of Chavez and not to say he's harmless but his bark is worst than his bite.


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