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    But, I'm really only good for like $5 or $10.

    You know, Bush economy and all...

  • dos hijos, una chica...
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    that's what I was most flabbergasted by.

    Of course, I have to pay for a place for a family of five...so...

  • I agree, I am not afraid of technology, but my "target" audience is (or rather may not have access to that technology).  I currently am running a blog for isabella county dem party.  But, even at dem party meetings I am asked, What is a blog?  More than one person has said, "well I have internet at work, but not at home."  So a mixed media approach is what I looking for.

    I'll check out BlogPac, thanks alot for your support!

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    a gang war.  DeLayer's V Rovian's.

    Republicans have been dividing the electorate in order to conquer America.  

    Obviously, we must divide the Republican's in order to beat them.  DeLay's stinkified corruption is the wedge.

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    I have told this many times, so stop me if you've heard it!  

    I am a proud UoMontana Griz Alum.  I am also an alumni of Philmont Scout Ranch in Cimarron NM.  

    The Air Force had plans to use Philmont as "target practice", basically setting up dummy targets that fame bombs (just like a laser beam or radio, nothing was going to drop) would hit.  The crux of the matter of the amount of air traffic it would create over the wilderness in NM, specifically tree-top level military jets over the worlds largest youth camp.  It was a safety issue (spooking horse, etc.) as well as a wilderness preservation issue.

    I wrote both my Sen's. Baucus sent me a detailed letter expressing his concern at that he discussed the issue with a certain officer in the Air Force.  He detailed the officer's name, what was discussed etc.  It was awesome.

    Sen Burns sent me a form letter about the enviroment.  It was as if a staffer went the "hippie" file and called it good.


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    Hey...I am interested in helping out in congressional districts in MI.  I just moved back and I live in Dave Camp's district (puke).

    I have no money, but a desire to organize.

    I helped out with campaigns in NM, but don't who to contact in Mt Pleasant.

    Know anybody?

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    That would really send a powerful message.  Child Tax credit, SAHM Tax credit?  (You know I have a Stay At Home Mom around when I can spew acronyms like SAHM)

    How could a republican say no to a tax break?


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