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    I agree with this sentiment.

    I think up here in the hinterlands (north of the money line Highway M46), we have been given weak canidates, who have no idea what to do in a modern campaign.

    So therefore, they raise no money, therefore Dave Camp in Mi4 can run with little opposition.  Sorry, Huck.

    I have been focusing on the state races, and county too.  We have to lay the ground work up here to foster a Democrat environment.

  • Great...I will...I just need help setting it up...I want to see what it can do, but I'm not a programmer...

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    I need development help...

    I have been trying for 2 years to get something going for local politico's.  I have a vision of a progressive/liberal database for Northern/Central Michigan, but I have no help with development of the infrastructure.  

    I tried contacting Civicspace, they did not respond.  Money is tight in these supposed "red" areas, so I understand.  No money, little chance of real success, this isn't the best return on any investment.

    The reason we have little chance of success is the state legislature is totally dominated by Republicans, hence all the political boundaries are gerrymandered...so changing the state legislature from red to blue is the goal.

    Also, check out www.michiganliberal.com...a great site for locals.  

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    Our county party in Rural Michigan has been down for years.

    We started having booths at the fairs and festivals.  Almost everybody we talk to is real happy to see us again..."we haven't seen anything in years" seems to be a common refrain.

    This from a community with a major University in the center of it all.  The dem's haven't been non-active, but I do believe it's been very eggheady (with all the prof's from the U), that local townies haven't felt very welcome.  But, that is all changing.

    Go check out our blog icdp.blogspot.com

    I am trying to get it on the main page, but the gatekeeper (the guy with the server passwords) hasn't been very forthcoming.  I think he's pretty proud of his page, and doesn't want some whippersnapper to change it with bloggin, and organizin...So now we just go around him and use blogger, there is no mention of any webpage other than the blogger page on most publications...

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    I look at all the people in rural michigan, the folks that need health care reform, and this idea doesn't do squat for them...

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    Stabenow might be able to dodge a bullit.

    Keith Butler is the suspected nominee, he is a fundamentalist christian minister from an arena church.  He has been consistently polling lower than Stabenow.

    He is not of Michigan's breed of business chamber of commerce republicans.  With a White House under indictment, and Iraq burning, I think Butler's message won't resonate.  

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    Head of state...I use it as inspiration.
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    Head of state...I use it as inspiration.
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    The Libby (MT) man is dying of cancer from asbestos, and nobody is doing anything about it.
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    I can see a change in my area.  The Isabella County (MI) Dem's are energized.  More people are coming to meetings, we are more visible in the community.

    I recently volunteered at the County Fair at the ICDP booth.  Had a great success in our petition drive for an increase in minimum wage and saving social security.

    The best comment I got was "Glad to see the party booth, I haven't seen anything in years."

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    man...you have a lot of time...how long did that post take you to write?  have you been writing this since last summer?

    keep up the good work!

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    The baby formula marketer.

    breast is best.

    I'm holding my bouncing baby girl while trying to comment...

  • TV's in headrests...OK in my book.

    TV's in backseat headrests = funny on MTV's Pimp my ride.

  • Matthew Lesko will sell you books late at night about how to cash in on govt grants and tax breaks.

    Markos Moulitsas is Kos from DailyKos.

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    George Steinbrenner
    Barry Bonds
    The H2 marketer
    Dave Camp (R)(Mi-4th)  (I just had to put him in)


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