Help! Looking for Organization Direction...

Howdy...I am one of the people who were brought into the political spectrum by Dean (actually by Kos via Tom Tomorrow back in the heady days of 2002).  But, Howard Dean's campaign was my first taste of politics.  I worked for four different organizations this last cycle.  Though it was a losing effort(Dean, NM1 Primary Nelson, NM1 Romero, and Kerry), I came away more pumped than ever.

I moved back to my home state in Novemeber for family reasons.  So now I am back in Mi4 Congressional District.  

I am ready to rock, but need some help...

I have already been working with the Isabella County Democratic Party.  I am in charge of their Technology Committee ( and  I have also attended a Mi4th Congressional District Democratic Meeting.

But, the party here in Northern Michigan is filled with a bunch of old men.  I was by far the youngest at the Mi4 meeting, and if it weren't for the College Dem's I would be one of two 30 yr or so olds at ICDP.  

Basically things move way to slow for me, and the College Dem's agree.  We decided (at the first Drinking Liberally in Mt Pleasant) that we needed more action.  We have come up with some great ideas.

One of the limitations is that our area still has not embraced the internet.  Heck, it's hard enough to pay for dial up with Party Store and Wal-Mart jobs.  So the blogtopian model, while important and will be incorporated, I have to think Old School.

There a plans to start a pamphleteering campaign.  You know, with a Revolutionary (as in Thomas Payne/Paul Revere, not Che)theme.  We will target all of county fairs and festivals this summer.  I also want to hit up all the hair rock concerts, you know, go after the guys with "rebel flags on their trucks."

I also would like to start raising funds to start a campaign to start exposing the Corrupt Country Club Republican agenda.  I have a vision of advertising in the small town newspapers and indy weekly's, use ads to get the message out in our media.  I would like to try using CD-rom's as way to get people to fire up their computers and bring them to the website's like Dkos, MyDD, etc.

My plan isn't to go after the college kids at Central Michigan (although my College Dem allies will), I want to go after the rural people in the small counties.

I need help to get started, so if anyone can answer my questions, fire away:

  1.  Where do I find rules about raising money?  Do I need to/How do I start a PAC?

  2.  Besides Lakoff and watching Blog's for language help, how do I craft a message that I know will work?

  3.  Does anybody know about rules of politicing at a fair's and other semi-public events?

Thanks in advance for all of your help.


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All you need is email
Blogs are as simple as email.  If anyone out of your group has an internet account, and I am assuming that you do, then you'll be able to blog.  Basically you don't sen an email until you've spellchecked it and know it is ready to go, it's the same with a blog.  You type your message juts like an email and when you are ready to post it you hit "publish".  

Don't be affraid of technology. We'll help.

On the other front, it really depends on if you all plan on backing the same candidates and or issues.  If so then I would suggest setting up a PAC or somehting similar.

If it is simply a community awareness program you have more flexibilty.  

Check with about rules and regulations.

by goplies 2005-04-08 12:59PM | 0 recs
Re: All you need is email
I agree, I am not afraid of technology, but my "target" audience is (or rather may not have access to that technology).  I currently am running a blog for isabella county dem party.  But, even at dem party meetings I am asked, What is a blog?  More than one person has said, "well I have internet at work, but not at home."  So a mixed media approach is what I looking for.

I'll check out BlogPac, thanks alot for your support!

by chanupi 2005-04-11 04:45AM | 0 recs


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