• Nice analysis, Andre.

    The problem, it seems, is not judging the coattails of Obama for 2010 or any other year.

    The problem is the woeful state of Georgia's particular Democratic Party.  Obama's base voted in large numbers because they saw in his candidacy a the fulfillment of generations of struggle.

    Going forward, Democrats in Georgia actually need to give his base a reason to come out and vote and create a strong field effort-similar to what existed during the General- to ensure it actually happens.

    Looking at the state's local politics, it's Democrats are about as useful as a alarm after your home has been burglarized.

    In short, make the coattails, don't just assume them.  

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    It is my sincere belief, no matter what folks may say, that it is pure, unadulterated bigotry.

    Bigots refuse to support Obama.

    I just came back from a round of canvassing in my little piece of South Georgia.

    We canvassed likely Democrats-all white.

    To a tee, the ID's we returned to our Field Office of these people were all-save 2- "Not sure" and "undecided".  But what they refused to verbalize was apparent visually and the viceral reaction to the mere mention of the Senator's name.

    Democrats all, they just 'aren't sure' about voting for a black man.

    When pressed about McCain and his grafting of Bush's policies to his own I heard: he's got the experience.  Frustrated by a so brazenly foolish of a response, I(wrongly) shouted back "yeah.  And it is that experience that got us into the shithole we find ourselves in."

    Let's stop kidding ourselves folks.  One cannot, intellectually speaking, claim 'inexperience' with Obama.

    It is a fallacy, borne of willful ignorance, and a refusal to see the truth.  That refusal has it's fulcrum in a pure and vile racism that infects pockets of my Party and most certainly Southern Georgia.

    What do these bigots stand to gain?  The false sense of superiority that, for so many middle class whites, is the only thing of value in their increasingly meaningless lives.

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    It is increasingly clear to me that noone on MyDD understand the core of Obama's message, organizing principles, and views about power.

    You all keep rehasing the primary with these 'I told you so' comments which-for us ardent Obama supporters- does nothing  but lay bare your profound ignorance about Obama and your inability to see past the spin of the MSM.

    Folks, please do the Party a favor and get to know the life, times, history, and views of your presumptive Nominee.

    Don't do it for me.  Do it for yourselves, for arguing in circles without a clear understanding of Barack doesn't display wit but considerable folly.

    Am I the only Obama supporter here that feels this about MyDD?  Comments, please.

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    No, Markjay.

    There is a difference between moderating and vacillilating...

    Obama is doing none of the former and Clinton could not help but master the latter.

    I said it upthread: our main complaint with Hillary was that she is too reflexively defensive toward any opposition and accepts the power of special interests.  Both have given us the Washington we have today.

    Experience is important.  But so is trust, integrity and judgement at this juncture in the health of our Republic.

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    No, Juno.

    Our, or atleast, my rejection of Hillary was that vote she cast in 2003 and the remarkably negative campaign she ran against Obama.

    Also, strategically speaking, Hillary inspires confidence amongst the base and revulsion amongst everyone else.

    And please don't go there with me with "Obama attacked Hillary as well" for this is a fallacy.

    Obama attacked the kind of campaign Hillary ran against him as being needlessly negative and defensive.  Such campaigns engender distrust in our officials and divisions amongst the American people.  Her approach is 'old politics' that doesn't lead to anything good and her failed Health Plan and candidacy is Exhibit A should you need proof.

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    Both Senator Obama and John McCain have 'bucked their Party' so this ad is not only laced with irony but also misleading.

    Democrats weren't too pleased with Obama's championing of ethics reform- in Illinois or Washington.

    Nor do most Democrats like his position on the death penalty or merit pay.

    And ofcourse there was that speech before the War where he didn't just 'buck' his Party but the entire public establishment and nearly all of public opinion.

    If McCain is going to turn this into a holier than thou race on 'independence' from one's Party he will, at best, split the difference with Obama.

    On issues that matter most to the bulk of independents like myself, Obama's critique of our political system reaches far deeper and his campaigns grassroots composure makes it more credible.

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    Can someone explain to me why years in Washington is always seen as the right experience to be Presiden?

    From my vantage point, the 'experienced and qualified' crew got us into the mess we are in, so why continue to reward them?

    No one ever seems to be able to answer this for me except to say "that's just politics.  They always disappoint you."

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    What about ending the War?

    Or eradicating poverty here and abroad?

    Are we ever going to vote for a true liberal in our lifetimes?

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    It's really very odd coming across you, tigershark.

    As a liberal, and someone very well versed on Barack's life, legislative record, accomplishments, having read both of his books, and ofcourse campaign endlessly for him, I always saw Barack as a truly remarkable candidate.

    What concerns you about him?  Where does this 'disconnect' as you put it arise from?

    So you know, while I like Hillary personally, having lost two friends in Iraq, I simply could not bare to vote for her.  I, and the base of the Party, needed to throw her and other Democrats who voted for the War under the bus.

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    Herein lay your-and much of the Right's- problem:

    <One of the reasons that I was concerned about Barack from the beginning is the "post-partisan" attitude that he brought--there are some issues that I prefer to have defended completley and totally, no compromise with the Republicans.>

    At the core of what ails our Republic, is this inability to break bread with our ideological opponents.

    When will you admit that a constant defensive posture with Republicans does nothing but lead to gridlock and division?

  • It certainly doesn't give her the right to offend other Americans.

    But as an American, Marie has every right to offend us.

    Happy 4th!

    And far full disclosure, I am black as well.

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    No need to imagine because she was defeated.

    And one can only move to the Center if it is likely you will do well there.

    Polls consistently show Hillary is popular amongst the Democratic base, whereas Cruella is reviled by moderates and Independents.

    Moot point, bro.

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    Hey 'sko'

    As a regular poster both here and 'there' you'd probably make more friends in the movement if you refrain from tagging all of us as 'uninformed' based on the comments of a few.

    MYBO is revolutionizing politics and just defeated the best machine in Democratic politics.

    It won't kill you to show a little respect..and class.  Finally, I've sat through quite a few fool's errands here at MyDD and saw them as such-the rants of fools, not atypical of this entire space.  

    So please, ditch the crap where it's supposed to go-not on this blog.


  • I couldn't disagree more.

    The tactical brilliance of this strategy is to reframe perceptions, which one can justifiably argue color and give sway to the vast bulk of our electorate.

    Clark is putting a crack in McCain's armor and this self-perpetuated "myth" of the Old Man as the great "Patriot".

    McCain is absolutely so, but he cannot and we will not allow his service to be a shield to his judgements on a variety of national security topics.

    Obama is seeking to change perceptions of McCain as the straight talker and his experience WHILE he changes his own as the guy who sat in the pews silent to Wright's rants.

    The media will sit and forment on Clark's comments and this will force a long overdue discussion about this supposed strength of McCain.

    Swing voters will look at the Nato Supreme Commander saying that serving in the military, by it's self, does not make one qualified to run for President.  They will probably then say, "well, comin' from him that's true, so what does?".  

    That internal conversation is priceless and will aid Obama measurably.

    Please stop being so cynical about low information voters.  They lack information, not the brain power and it is their perceptions we must change.

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    At the very least we can say this about Mssr Obama.

    He is absolutely not playing.  And by showing his hand and has telegraphed to Republicans the following: if you think I am Mondale, Dukakis, or Kerry you are sorely mistaken.

    In the coming debates, Obama is going to rip McCain, and by extension the entire neocon notion of 'security', apart for all the land to see.

    Thankfully, only an anti-war candidate can do this credibly so we most certainly nominated the right guy.

    All hail the Chicago mafia.


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