What Glen Greenwald said...


The number of Obama followers writing to me on Twitter and elsewhere telling me that left-wing critics of the President are the primary cause of the election's outcome -- rather than massive economic suffering and the actions of their Leader -- is even more than I expected.  Bizarrely, they actually seem to have convinced themselves of this; I suppose one who is desperate to cling to their leader-love will find any theory that shields him from responsibility.  Behold the supreme power of the Professional Left!!


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One can fight it

Or one can take credit and consider it leverage for next time around.

by jeffroby 2010-11-07 04:23AM | 0 recs
oh joy...it is our mulitple-personality troll again (yawn)
So what should we call you?

Shall we call you changeagain2012?


holden caufield?


dem-dem (dem dem 08,dem dem 2008, dem dem 2010, dem dem 2012)?

Seymour Glass (seymour glass 08)?

The Daily Howler (shameful use of another's handle)

grendel was misunderstood?

Or any of well over a dozen other post-banning names (here, Dkos and elsewhere)?

Perhaps we should just call you...Tim? ;)

BTW, do you still enjoy stalking female bloggers? Of late it seems you enjoy stalking only the males. Crisis of identity, perhaps?
by B0RIS 2010-11-07 12:15PM | 1 recs


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