Donnie Fowler Scandal Worsening; DNC Going to Prosecute?

Howard Dean has won the race.  But that's not stopping Donnie Fowler from claiming that he's winning, even as he slips into legal jeopardy along with Michigan State Democratic Chair Mark Brewer.  

This article was just posted on Donnie's site,

Former presidential candidate Howard Dean may not be the front-runner after all in the race for chairman of the national Democratic Party.  A committee of state party chairmen will announce today it's backing a rival candidate Donnie Fowler, who headed John Kerry's presidential nomination campaign in Michigan.

The 37-year-old Fowler is the son of former Democratic National Committee chairman Donald Fowler of South Carolina.

From The State, South Carolina's newspaper:

The executive committee of the state chairs had endorsed Fowler on Sunday, but the full committee ignored the recommendation and backed Dean.

"We gave him a punch yesterday, and he gave me a counterpunch today," Fowler said. "The other candidates were unable to get in the ring."

Read on to see how this bragging is literally the most chutzpah-laden thing you can imagine.

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On Donnie Fowler and Michigan Corruption

If the party chooses anyone but Dean I'm leaving.  This shit stinks.

link to the Detroit Free Press

As Howard Dean's campaign for chairman of the Democratic National Committee got a boost Monday, one of Dean's strongest opponents faced allegations that his leadership of the Michigan Kerry for President campaign was in disarray days before the election.

       People who said they were familiar with the situation told the Free Press that national party activist Donnie Fowler and Michigan campaign officials notified national party leaders they needed an extra $2.5 million on the last weekend before the Nov. 2 vote.

       They said they would have to curtail the state campaign if the money wasn't forthcoming, used lax accounting practices and were so disorganized that several campaign vans turned up missing, said the Democrats, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

       Fowler and Michigan Democratic Party Chairman Mark Brewer vigorously disputed those charges Monday, which they said were part of an effort by party rivals to undermine Fowler's DNC candidacy.

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