Only the Best for the American People

I am so sick of all the lame excuses the conservative side tries to throw into the debate about a new national healthcare system. I don't see the connection to socialism they so often drop throughout the discussion. After all they are the ones who repeatedly state that their ideas are the best for the american people. In fact everything is about the American people. Not only do they justify the wars overseas as well as torture by the American government but they claim that the methods are necessary for the safety of the American people. Well, let me ask you this: How come you consider Al-Quaida with their lunatic ideas a threat to America that could eventually cause a great number of deaths on American soil? But when it comes to deadly viruses and terminal diseases that destroy family lives and sickens Amercian society you think that tax dollars are better spent in new military equipment.  
Isn't HEALTH considered to be in the interest of Americans as well as other safety issues? Then why exactly do you feel it's everyones own responsibility to take care of that? How about we let every citizen fight against Al-Qaida individually and stop caring about the greater good that needs to be protected by the state? Isn't the sacrifice of young soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan for the saftey of all the George Bushs, Dick Cheneys and Rush Limbaughs of this country a little bit socialistic as well?
Maybe, maybe not. The important thing is that this nation is made of one society and only functions as ONE. We can't just throw out the sick, otherwise we become part of a sick system which eventually will infect everyone.
I bet that's a socialistic thought as well, isn't it? It's not socialistic it's called FAIRNESS.

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Lack affordability in Public Option

Why the lies? because they don't want Single Payer to win on its merits. Its merits?

1.) Single Payer will make healthcare affordable for all, Public Option MAKES affordability optional (and unlikely) for most. (the very poor and perhaps some other groups like those who have children and those over 55 or 60 who can't get insurance at any price and can prove it, might get subsidies but its almost certain that most of the people who seem to expect help from it wont be helped, it will represent a better quality kind of insurance, but it also could easily start out or become much more expensive than current private insurance because of the added burden of insuring unprofitable sick people, something the Obama administration is lying about.

2.) Public Option makes unaffordability MANDATORY, single payer makes AFFORDABILITY mandatory

3.) Public Option keeps healthcare tied to vanishing jobs.

4.) Single Payer will stimulate the economy better than any trickle down stimulus ever could.

5.) Public Option is designed to fail in a "deat spiral" type cost cascade, giving "universal healthcare" a bad name.

6.) Public Option is the SAME EXACT strategy that was used by a cabal of Democratic and Republican legislators to kill universal healthcare in 1993. 15 years ago.

7.) Would you trust politicians vague promises on something so important that its literally a life or death matter for millions of Americans, or would you trust the proven track record of over a dozen other developed nations, all of which deliver better healthcare to their citizens at a fraction of the cost that we do, now.

8.) Both Canada and the UK and a number of other countries tried private public "public options" and separately all came to the conclusion that they were inefficient and fundamentally not capable of saving enough money, a earning process that took THEM years. Now, knowing ALL that, the US healthcare industry is spending millions of dollars a day on a massive PR campaign trying to fool us into having the USA make the same mistake with their "designed to fail" public option.

Why not just save ourselves decades and probably hundreds of thousands of unnecessary deaths and adopt the strategy we know will work, rather than the strategy we KNOW won't work.

The only way to AFFORDABILITY is single payer.


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