• I guess you missed all my posts about Hillary during the primaries and all my posts about Palin.  I tend to post when I see people going off the deep end about people. And yes I'm aggressive about it.  

  • I guess I'm not qualified to post on a blog because I haven't paid my dues or some such nonsense.  My game is to get people to possibly see what is going on here and not merely live in an echo chamber.

  • It might be meaningless to you - but I doubt that she would start this just to fade away after taking a long time to decide when the right moment was to change her entire life.

    I doubt that such a statement  or her actions in general are taken as meaningless by Paterson or the other potential candidates.  AND I'M SURE SHE HAS MADE HER INTENTIONS TO RUN IN 2010 CLEAR IN PRIVATE AS WELL TO THEM AS WELL.

  • I'd say CK has hit the ground "running" - she plans to run in 2010 regardless of whether she is appointed - which is her right. And anyone Paterson appoints will have to run against her in the primaries.

    Asked whether she would run for the office if Gov. David Paterson doesn't appoint her, she replied: "Absolutely." Huffington Post

    As I have said on other threads - CK is deadly serious about being Senator - She probably realizes better than anyone that she will need time to get the polish of a Hillary or even Cuomo (though he's a dullard) - In two years  - I'll wager she'll be much more impressive in public.

    The only question is whether Paterson will find someone willing to be appointed now, who he thinks can beat her in 2010 and who be a better Senator than she could be to boot.

  • Who says she "ran away" - the biased media that's who - that's the whole point. They are gunning for her- drumming up controversy- comparing her to the most controversial politician since Hillary - that would be Palin. It's lazy journalism and you are buying into it.

    As far as all this crap of it being handed to her and Franken and Wellstone at least won primaries. Well you see she doesn't have that option does she? So what should she do - let Paterson appoint someone now only to challenge them in 2010? How is that a bright idea? Or should she just shelve her aspirations  altogether? Really - would we expect that of anyone else?

  • Since when do talking heads  know their heads from their ass?

  • Who then is the MOST qualified?  Please - don't hold back tell us. Would that be anyone BUT Caroline is more qualified???

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    The media is gunning for CK. Ever woman who is running know has to endure being compared to Palin.

    It's too bad this is not a special election - wouldn't have to hear all this coronation crap.. How dare CK spend a life time studying law, working privately for the arts and education, running a library and  and writing books about the rights of Americans under the constitution and now think she has any qualification to be anything but what? be a congressman from the upper East Side or a city council member, perhaps.

    I guess Al Franken a has alot more qualifications and Paul Wellstone the professor - for that matter - but then they are men.

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    Look - you better believe that CK has decided to go after the seat and plans on getting it either now by appointment or in 2010. She is putting NY on notice that whomever the Gov. picks they will be in for a steep fight to keep it.

    Caroline is not going to slink away because she didn't get the initial nod. She has decided that she wants to be a Senator and in public politics - and a silly little appointment by an "elevated" Governor is not going to stop her from going after it.

    It would be a mistake to underestimate her.  

  • This is how democrats shoot themselves in the foot and snatch defeat out of the mouths of victory.

    What's wrong with Cuomo? He's a dullard of a politician  - couldn't get himself elected Gov. Has some name recognition - but totally uninspiring. Is not a real threat to Paterson, at all.

    Assume Gulliani will "leap" at the chance to take the seat from some no name appointed congressional woman - who we think is "qualified" to have the seat appointed to them because they have been "elected" in upstate.  Geesh! - how unimaginative can you be - this is how you lose a seat people.

    Don't like the rich having so much political power? Well let's just all agree as Democrats that they shouldn't run - and just give the seats away to the Republicans.

  • And Obama remains above 50% in most of them too.

  • McCain is pouring all his resources into a few battle ground states with negative advertising and negative rallies where Palin spews out lies about Obama. The result is a tightening (shoring up) in the republican base that dropped away (gone soft) during the early part of October. That's what's happening. But in most of them Obama is still ahead outside the margin or error. That's why the landslide that the national polls indicate is still in the offering, regardless.

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    Ugh!  New Rasmussen Poll shows McCain within 4% was 7%.  Not worried that Obama won't win - but looks like PA will be close as when Kerry won in 2004.

    Had hoped Obama would put it away with PA early in the evening. Now, unless FLA or Ohio comes through - we will have to wait for IA and NV. where polls don't close there until 10 PM (EST).

  • I wouldn't drink too much over the young not voting early. Most are going to be first time voters. They don't usually vote early. They're young - they want to full impact of voting on Nov 4th for posterity.

    But as far as PA is concerned - all Obama needs is Iowa, N.H., Va. Co. and NV. Everyone thinks that Iowa, N.H., Va and Co are in the bag for Obama.  If NV goes Obama he doesn't need Ohio, FLA or PA and he still wins.

    NV is his firewall - not Pa.

  • McCain's pollster on MSNBC (Andrea Mitchell's Show) said that McCain is going to win because 130-135 Million people are going to vote this election (approx. 90% of registered voters) and that undecideds (white, low income and low information) are going to break 70/30 for McCain and swamp the AAs and young voters who are coming out in big numbers for Obama.

    He's circulating memo as to how this is going to create a big upset on November 4th.


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