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    No, she's winning states that do not have jacked-up caucuses that only represent a tiny fraction of voters.  She's winning in the states that count in the GE, regardless of Howard Dean's scheme to remake the Party.  

    A candidate cannot win in the GE (especially against a repub that people "think" is moderate), if they cannot (even with spending 3 to 5 times more than the other candidate) win in the big states (the swing voters.)  

    As far as "demographically desirable", Hillary is quite strong with women, and last time I looked, no particular states have more women than any others.

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    LOL- Actually, I thought the first paragraph seemed to describe KO pretty well tonight anyway! (but I knew you meant Obama.) ;)

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    Sincerely, I'm afraid I missed the part where Obama is "uncritical" of Hillary.  When I repeatedly see stories about OBama with the phrase "mocked Clinton", "ridiculed Clinton", etc., I just don't see him as being soft on her to keep her supporters from disliking him.  His campaign in general has been rather ugly toward her.

    The most damaging thing for Obama, as far as not alienating the Clinton supporters, has actually been many of his supporters.  I see the damage they've done to Obama already, in making sure that Hillary's supporters will not vote for him. The attacks, the threats, the takeover of progressive sites, has damaged him in a big way with those that will have to vote for him if he gets the nomination.  

    Lately, the message I've been seeing from his supporters online is literally "we don't NEED Hillary's supporters in November", it's been said all over the place.  That's foolhardy.

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    Perhaps Olbermann's head exploding could be a good thing.  Everytime I see him, I can't help but notice that his eyes seem to be getting closer and closer together, as though all that indignation is.. well.. messing up his face.  Perhaps this could sort of spread those features out again for him. Just sayin'  

    I'm quite certain that Mr. Predictable will have a breathless "special comment" tomorrow about the "racists" in Pennsylvannia.  Count on it.

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    Actually... the media doesn't get it.  They keep framing this as Obama being attacked for saying voters are "bitter."  I guess that's considered 'not quite damned by faint criticism'  

    It wasn't the bitter thing.. it was that he and his campaign (Axelrove) are OBSESSED with making Hillary's supporters, and average Americans, into Archie Bunkers.  They freak out over perpetuating stereotypes, yet they have been the most guilty of it in this primary race.

    The thing that really stinks about his comments, is that they were made to a group of wealthy uber-liberals in Marin County, California. I can just imagine the tsk tsk-ing that went throughout the room, as though the unspoken "these small town people are racists" comments came out.

    And...  as a Democrat, how could I ever consider a candidate that trashes a Democratic president just to get elected?  

  • "But rather than unifing behind our candidate to fix healthcare, you guys are attacking the Democratic nominee"

    Oh, I wasn't aware the primary had already ended. My mistake. I thought we still had some states left to vote.

    BTW, the lobbyists and the health insurance companies are what "failed" in the 90s to get universal care. Do the names "Harry and Louise" ring a bell?

  • OMG - You nailed it. They might find a custodian that will testify that the windows were cleaned the week before I arrived, thereby negating my entire ordeal.

    The one thing I wonder is if that hospital still uses shipping tags to tie to your wrist when you arrive at the emergency room. That's the kind of TLC you get when you're at a hospital that has to treat the uninsured...

  • Thank you, slynch, you "get it"  While some may quibble about the details of Hillary's story, I tried to capture the mindset of being poor and uninsured.  

    When you are uninsured, or have had an experience like Trina Batchel's, you are put in a begging position... especially as a young woman. Though you may get insurance later... the feeling of unworthiness remains.  I traveled to the only hospital I knew that would see me, no question asked - no insurance needed, because I didn't believe I would be treated in the nicer hospitals, and if I was, I could never afford the bill when it came.  

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    This is satire.. right?

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    Thank you Elsinora.  Why do candidates not seem to embrace the single-payer model? I've never understood that.

  • You're missing the point.  The reason that Trina had the $100. charge was that she had been uninsured previously, which led to a massive debt for which she was sued, and told she could not go to that hospital again without paying $100. up front. You obviously don't understand the mindset...

    How sad that you can read my story.. and all you can comment is to completely miss the point of my Diary.  The point is... the DETAILS of Trina's story are not as important as the fact of HOW the uninsured are treated (and she was uninsured previously), and the mindset you get when you've been uninsured. As though you're a criminal -- as though you don't DESERVE medical care.  It's just sad that you can't see the humanity through your agenda.

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    Beautiful, just beautiful, Linfar.  

  • I want nothing to do with a party filled with people that would find that acceptable. I'm starting to think there must be a party out there for me somewhere.. because the my Democratic Party is becoming unrecognizable.  The day that RR's Ann Coulter imitation is not resoundly rejected by supposed "progressives" is the day our Party died.

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    " You know what crap some Hillary supporters are writing about Barack on this site? It's disgusting and has no place on a Democratic blog, know what I mean?"

    Is it possible that Obama supporters have become so awestruck that they cannot see the ridiculousness of that comment?  The attacks on Hillary and Hillary's supporters are legendary on all but a handful of  "progressive" blogs.

    I'm sorry that linfar, and the others, were disappeared. I never read anything from them that I felt was over-the-line.  Compared to the daily dose of abuse Hillary and her supporters take on the "progressive" blogs, well.. there was no comparison.

    So.. do we have another "progressive" blog in which we are no longer welcome?  I would expect this behavior from the Republicans, from Dick Cheney and friends, never in my wildest dreams would I believe this would happen.  Though, oddly enough this feels like the ugliness that ensued with the Nader supporters on DU during the 2000 election's aftermath.  

  • Thank you for your Diary.  I'm horrified that America continues to fund the Chinese government and the Country who so blatantly disregards human rights. I truly wish that America would collectively turn their back on "made in China", and live simply, if they must, in order to stop feeding that growing superpower ... until they stop abusing human rights.  If it means Americans will not have 100 pairs of shoes in their closets, or 100 toys in the chest, then so be it.  


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