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    "The state has no business in the bedrooms of the nation" --Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau, 1967.
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    Well, if there isn't already a vast left wing conspiracy, I can only ask - WHY NOT?
    What have you guys been doing for the last ten years?
    But fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice, shame on . . .
    Anyway, NOW I can see the outline of your plot.  
    By voting for republicans and putting them into power in November, the secretly left-wing Americans have demonstrated their sheer cunning and vast sneakiness.  Its cruel, I say -- you are forcing Republicans --FORCING THEM --to actually run the country and refusing -- REFUSING --to help.  You won't vote their way and support SS change and install their judges or anything.  Why, its insidious, its outrageous.  
    Must have been Michael Moore's idea.
  • The press club is trying to pretend that the "story" is that the mean old bloggers prevented a right-winger from working in the White House press room.  The real story, of course, is that a partisan ringer got unwarranted access to the White House for two years for the purpose of pimping favourable stories, without any of the White House reporters realizing what was going on.  If John is at this panel, the real story could not continue to be ignored.
    Its another example of how pathetic this press corps actually has become.
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    The way rest of the faculty should deal with this is to also post red stars on their own doors.
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    on my website, and urge everyone else to do the same.  This is the most important thing Ted Kennedy has ever done.  
    Jack and Bobby would be proud.

    "Didn't you love the things that they stood for?
    Didn't they try to find some good for you and me?
    And we'll be free
    Some day soon, it's gonna be one day
    Anybody here seen my old friend Bobby?
    Can you tell me where he's gone?
    I thought I saw him walkin' up over the hill
    With Abraham, Martin, and John"

  • A couple of weeks ago, here or on BOP or on Kos (I think it was here), there was a post asking for a Democratic "elevator pitch" -- a short statement summarizing Democratic values.  Well, CTLex just did most of it:
    "An active, smart government which helps the needy and gives everyone a fair shot. Equal rights. Social justice. Afflicting the comfortable, comforting the afflicted."
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    As a Canadian, I was amazed by this article.  In Canada, as I think is also the case in other parliamentary democracies, the only parties which don't run a full slate of candidates are the parties which DO NOT aim to win the election - for example, the Bloc Quebecois runs candidates only in Quebec.  But our three national parties, Conservatives, Liberals and New Democratic Party, run a candidate in every single one of our 300+ ridings, regardless of how miserable their vote count was the last time -- in fact, attracting quality, high-profile candidates and convincing them to run against even the most popular incumbents is one of the primary jobs of the whole party organization -- unless incumbents are defeated, the opposition party cannot win the election.
    So I guess I just assumed that the Democratic Party and the Republicans did the same thing in the USA.  
    How can you ever win if you don't run a candidate?  How can you build a local organization and gather a list of local supporters to get out to the polls, if you don't have anyone local for them to support? I guess I just don't understand it.  No wonder Kerry lost.
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    I'm not sure about the bottom graph, but the top graph shows that things were getting pretty dangerous for Maya for a while there.  The buzzers start going off when the baby's heartbeat drops below 90.  Normal prenatal heartbeat is around 120 to 140.
    When I had my daughter, she and I both had a difficult time and I needed a C-Section. Everything was just fine in the end -- thank god for medical technology.
    I am glad you are all OK.  Congratulations.  Having children is the most challenging and most interesting and most wonderful experience you will ever have.
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    The republican candidate will be Jeb Bush.
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    And never forget this line, either:
    Mongo straight!
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    OK, I'm Canadian and so I don't know anything about most US politicians, but my reaction is - Who is this guy Brad Carlson?  Or who does he think he is?  First, he is apparently so ignorant about his own constituency that he doesn't discover until early September that some of them disagree with abortion?  Then he is so out of touch that he is surprised to discover their slogan Vote Righteously actually means something important to them?  And finally his election loss isn't his own fault but is actually the fault of the party to which he belongs, because it "embraces modernity"?  Sorry, but this sounds like sour grapes to me.  I embrace modernity myself, but no politician, right or left, can ever expect to retain support from people he has apparently ignored.
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    We have poppies in Canada too, for Rememberance Day.  The Canadian Legion distributes them and solicits donations for them as a fundraiser. Actually, I was rather surprised when a couple of years ago an American visitor asked what they were -- I had always thought that the US legions or veterans societies did this as well.
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    I posted on this on my blog, and I'm repeating it here:
    Claw is right.  In the dispute over Kerry's so-called "outing" of Mary Cheney, many of Kerry's defenders are missing the point.
    Kerry has the temerity to state that the religious right is wrong. Kerry has challenged the right-wing conviction that gays are made, not born. And he uses Cheney's very own daughter as an example -- no wonder Cheney and his wife were mad. They really were hoping, I suppose, that no one would notice that Mary Cheney's very existence proves that one of the most heartfelt beliefs of their electoral base is wrong, wrong, wrong. No wonder the family keeps her under wraps at events like the convention.
    Only if you believe, as the religious right do, that being gay is a "lifestyle choice" can you justify the hatefest of discrimination against gays which stains American public discourse and policies.
    If America accepts that Kerry is correct, that gays are born not made, then discriminating against gays is no more justifiable than discriminating against blacks, or against people in wheelchairs -- and then, it's bye bye constitutional ammendment, bye bye workplace discrimination, bye bye sodomy laws, hello gay marriage.
    And of course, it appears to be an Article of Faith for Republicans that they DARE NOT demonstrate any actual leadership toward educating or changing public opinion, but instead MUST pander to the beliefs of their base at all times, however hateful and misguided they are.
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    The pundit spin on MSNBC was all about Bush "winning" but the NYT editorial certainly didn't see it this way.  
    I think republicans expected Bush to knock Kerry silly, and he didn't do it, or even come close to it.  Even when Kerry's answer went on and on a bit, like in answering the woman about abortion, his sincerity and honesty shone through.  This debate will take a little while to sink in, but in the end Kerry will win it.
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    About two years ago, in despair about what was happening to the United States and in Iraq, I keyed "liberal" into Google and so found "Liberal Oasis".  A whole world of liberal, progressive Americans was revealed.
    I don't read blogs for objectivity -- I can get that, to some extent, in any newspaper.  What I was desperate to find was analysis, to give me hope that liberalism had not perished in the United States.  And thank god, it is alive and well. I do read blogs for news, too, because bloggers like Atrios and Kos and Antiwar.com highlight the best/worst news stories and opinion pieces.  And you are right, it is the sense of community that is crucial -- wanting to join that community in my own little way, I started my own blog last March, just like thousands of others have done.  It's great, isn't it.


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