The 2004 Fox Debates Targeted Dean and Clark: Stats

Does Fox News go into a Democratic debate with a plan to be objective?


Then do they go in with a plan to smear all candidates equally?

The answer to that lies in looking at the questions they asked in previous Democratic presidential debates.  Like the one they co-sponsored in Detroit, October 26, 2003.

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Wes Clark's New Weekly Podcast

Over at Wesley Clark's website, , they've got something new that they're calling a "ClarkCast." Available for your ipod, mp3s, or any computer hooked up to speakers, you can hear Clark's weekly address as he looks for solutions to the challenges of democracy in our modern world.  In his inaugural podcast, "A Beacon of Hope," Clark talks about the traditional view of the United States as a beacon of hope in the world and what we need to do to restore that image.  Cool to see a once (and future?) presidential candidate who knows that Democratic party politics needs to extend beyond tv ads and direct mail.

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