"Brainwashing" Religion

Creating religious video games to spread the word of the Lord? We need to stop trying to convert others to our own preferred religion and respect other people’s beliefs. This type of "brainwashing" is directed towards children and teenagers in order to influence them at a young age. I do not believe this game should be taken off the shelf because I believe in the concept of free speech. However, I do though believe that this is a low blow by the religious community trying to “brainwash” children to think a certain way. Using children as way to stay in power is used by dangerous dictators in past history.

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I disagree

Attempting to convert other people to your beliefs does not automatically mean that you are disrespecting them. There is nothing wrong with proselytizing--what is wrong is linking agreement with your beliefs with aid or patronage and so on. If it's kept separate it's fine, and in this case because it's a game some kids will play it and I still don't find things wrong with it. My mother used to get me those back in the NES era, compared to other games they had horrible gameplay. If this game has horrible gameplay they won't be be brainwashing anyone. If it has good gameplay it deserves to be played.

The imperfect analogy is politics.

Do I disrespect the beliefs of the Republicans when I attempt to convince them to switch over? No, I am simply saying that I follow a Way that I think is better for all concerned and they are free to follow or not. I will not imprison them, or keep school or road money from their districts, or gerrymander them 6 ways to hell because they don't agree with me.

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