No More Italian Pasta because it Offends the Germans?

   "Happy Holidays," is appropriate for a cashier to say to a customer because he is unaware of the customer's beliefs. The customer could celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas or another holiday during the month of December. By saying "Happy Holidays," the cashier is wishing the customer the best of luck and joy during the customer's holiday season. There is nothing wrong with the above scenario.
    A problem comes into play when stores change their "Christmas Tree" sign to a "Holiday Tree" sign. This is one of the most brainless, unintelligent, dumb, silly and stupid ideas I have ever heard in my lifetime. A Christmas tree is a Christmas tree. It is not a Hanukkah tree nor is it a "Holiday" tree. People who celebrate Christmas put up a Christmas tree. Usually one would use a pine tree from the outdoors and bring it into the house. The tree would still be considered to be a pine tree until one would put ornaments on the branches. After the ornaments are on it can be considered a Christmas tree. The children of the house would then go into their little beds and sleep until morning. During the night a fat man with a white beard, red suit and black boots would jump down the chimney and leave presents for all the good children. This is the holiday we call Christmas. Never is it a "Holiday Tree," it is pine tree then Christmas tree.
    The Jewish faith does not up a tree and decorate it, nor does any other holiday in December. Why not you ask? BECAUSE IT'S A CHRISTMAS TREE! You only put it up if you celebrate CHRISTMAS! A Jewish person would not put up a CHRISTMAS TREE because they do not celebrate CHRISTMAS! A person who celebrates CHRISTMAS would not put up a MENORAH because he celebrates CHRISTMAS and not HANUKKAH. What is so hard to understand?
I honestly want to know who gets offended by a Christmas tree or a Menorah. Huh? Who? I do not follow a faith.  Seeing a Christmas tree or a Menorah or seeing anything else of that nature does NOT offend me. Who the heck cares? "Oh no, oh my, it's a Christmas tree. I'm offended; let me see who I can sue now." Is that how people think nowadays?
    What is going to be next? Changing the origin where certain food comes from? Ah, pasta and sauce is no longer considered an Italian meal because it offends the Germans. This is absolute nonsense and something needs to be done.  

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Re: No More Italian Pasta because it Offends the G

This is absolute nonsense and something needs to be done.


Something needs to not be done.

The "Christmas tree" is not generally a religious icon. However, it was (and, for a very few, still is) a Pagan icon, that celebrates the beginning of the return of the longer days, and the return of the sun (and the leaves). It sounds silly to start calling it a "Holiday tree" at this point, but that does not indicate that it is a Christian icon. A very few Christian Fundamentalists are even opposed to Christmas trees and fat bikers enacting the Santa Clause ritual. Remember, the overwhelming majority of Christians in the US who put up Christmas lights and trees are not Catholic, and so do not celebrate any form of Mass. Also, most Atheists put up Christmas trees, and have no problem with that. I am not Jewish, but mostly Rom, but I suppose I could put up a menorah, but I won't, because that's a truly religious symbol. I don't have a tree, either, because I prefer not to chop them down.

The whole debate about such things, as far as I can see, this is really engendered by the inability of people who watch way too much TV to understand that they need to control their own words, and not let words control them. Lexical items are context dependent. And some cultures borrow things from others in a haphazard fashion.

And for non-Pagans, Christmas trees bear no more relevance as religious icons than do fireworks on the Fourth of July.

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I dont care either way

I am athiest. I persnally do not care either way. But if a corporation determines that they attract more people with Holiday Tree moniker, so be it. Religious icons have evolved over time. Festivals and rituals have not stayed constant. So if it turns out that references to a tree like this is no longer universally seen as a Christmas Tree , but as a Holiday Tree, then so be it.

Same with Happy Holidays and Merry CHristmas. I could care less what the clerk tells me. For the Bill O Reilly types who get riled up about the Happy Holidays thing, then I say why? If you do not want people to get sensitive about Merry Christmas, then dont get sensitive about Happy Holidays. I say the same with secular organizations or indivduals. If someone says Merry CHristmas, grin and bear it and not get touchy about it.

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