Theme Song for Feminist Strikers Everywhere

Well, i thought this song was an effective theme song for any feminists anywhere on strike against misogyny, exploitation, and sexist bullshit anywhere.

This is possibly the greatest song ever recorded, the Pretenders "Pack It Up." It is an ode to leaving scungy male environments where women are treated as objects only to be seen and not heard.

While i am an Obama who seriously distrusts Hillary Clinton, i agree that some of the attacks on her and her supporters have gone FAR past any reasonable differences or political attacks, and over the edge into straight-out woman-hate.

And that ain't good for anybody. So whenever you find yourself in a situation where you aren't being respected (male or female), it is time to Pack It Up. k0&feature=related

Lyrics beneath the fold...

(for the first time on any website, i am going to beg for Recs, so as many people will hear these awesome empowering lyrics as possible.)

This seems to be a song about Ms. Hynde going to LA and finding it to be a cesspool of foolish asshole bullshit men who think they are hip and cool when they are actually just sexist macho fools. it is my favorite song, partly because the Pretenders are my favorite band, and partly because men who claim to be progressive but are actually just pigs are my least favorite people on earth.
First the lyrics, then the awesome amended lyrics at the end i was lucky enough to hear in the mid-80's.

You guys are the pits of the world!

Oh, this is no place for me
Burnin' down the interbelt, from jacuzzi to jacuzzi
It's all right for you man
Gettin' smashed, gettin' suntanned
But I know my place
Where's my suitcase?

Pack it up!
Or throw it away
What I can't carry,
Oh you remember me, I remember you
But that was a long, long time ago
When I was passin' through

All my family, all my friends, my lover
I got to find them
My enemies, my new family, my new friends
My future enemies, I got to flush them out

Pack it all up,
Nothing goes in storage
I'm burnin' every bridge
Burn, baby, burn!
I see your dog got shot
Well, hell, never mind
That's show biz, big boy
You've got to be cruel to be kind

Oh, give over and admit it
I've been tearing down the interstate
Like some kind of bleeding cat
It's all right for the boss
His gain's my loss
That gets me down,
It really gets me down!

So pack it up, and cut the crap
When the clock starts talkin',
I start walkin'
When you pass in your porsche
Please don't offer me a ride
I may be a skunk
But you're a piece of junk.

And furthermore
I don't like your trousers
Your appalling taste in women
And what about your mind?
Your insipid record collection
Adult home video center
The usual pornography
And all you scumbags around the world
You're the pits of the world!!

the greatest part of this song when you're listening to it is at the end. starting with "and furtermore," Hynde is talking, or yelling the lyrics  directly at the objects of her scorn. it is powerful!
but when i saw her live in the mid-80's, she changed it up a little. after the part about "the insipid record collection," she gave me the thrill of my music-as-religion life, when instead of following the lyric sheet, she simply screamed, at the top of her lungs:

so. yeah. i can relate. Chrissie Hynde is God(dess).

Nobody should take any sexist crap from anybody.

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Re: Theme Song for Feminist Strikers Everywhere


Ow. That makes it so much harder to "Jump" during that song. Especially since VH came out when stuff was still on vinyl..

by rhetoricus 2008-04-19 01:21PM | 0 recs
VH as epitome of macho bullshit

i don't think she could have found a more perfect example of macho clowns who think they're cool, when they actually work better as a self-parody.

by catchaz 2008-04-19 01:27PM | 0 recs
Re: VH as epitome of macho bullshit

The big-hair mullets help.

by rhetoricus 2008-04-19 01:35PM | 0 recs


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