Miers hearings a golden opportunity

Josh@TPM nails the puppy to the door:
So what to do?

Certainly one thing to do is sit back and relish the brewing fight between the principled wingnuts and the confirmed Bush toadies. At the same time, it must be occurring to at least some Dems that, at least in ideological terms, they could likely do far worse than Miers. In any case, set that all aside and focus on the fact that Miers has been involved -- often deeply involved -- in pretty much everything that the White House has been trying to keep secret for going on five years. That should make for interesting questioning.

Indeed: Not only was Miers on the Ashcroft-Gonzales career track, but she's been occupying a position which virtually required that she be a part of the various administration conspiracies and coverups that have gone down. In fact, it seems likely that her appointment could be a way to ensure her silence about the things she's seen and done for the administration.

So: What should the Dems ask about?

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It Just Occurred To Me...
George W. Bush is the first amateur president, and he is appointing the first amateur Supreme Court justice. It's people like this who give amateurs a bad name.

But, catastrophile, you raise a great point. Just bury your filth on top of the highest available hill! It's what's worked for these yo-yos all along.

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