Cards on the Table (Yet Another Anti-DLC Diary)

I'm sick of talking about the DLC. Even not having done so for quite a while, I'm still sick of it.

Nonetheless, I'm still on their mailing list, and they're not sick of attacking "their own" party's voter base.

Below the jump, find yet-another-anti-DLC-diary, or skip over it and move on to something worthwhile. No big deal.

DLC | New Dem Dispatch | June 2, 2006: "The Return of Liberal Fundamentalism"

This article begins with a boilerplate criticism of what the DLC refers to as "efforts by some Democratic activists and organizations to introduce ideological litmus tests for elected officials and intimidate or even purge those who do not meet a narrow definition of what makes a 'real Democrat.'"

These efforts are, predictably enough, "best illustrated by the nationally driven campaign to deny re-nomination to Sen. Joe Lieberman (D-CT), with and Democracy for America (an organization founded by DNC chairman Howard Dean and now run by his brother, Jim) playing an especially active role in recruiting money and volunteers for the challenger, Ned Lamont."

Fascinating. There's a threat to the Democratic Party . . . and its name is and Howard Dean. Replace "Democratic Party" with "America" and you've got a pretty good RNC mailing going so far.

But here's where it gets good:

One of the major reasons for the DLC's founding in 1985 was to resist what we called "liberal fundamentalism," a conformist tendency to stifle dissent among Democrats and require adherence to litmus tests devised by interest groups and ideological advocates.
You mean there are people out there who want the party to stand for things!?! -gasp!-
It is especially odd that some liberal activists who are forever telling Democrats they should stand up for their principles without regard to polls and fashions are now determined to purge this senator for doing exactly that, as part of a divisive intra-party revisiting of the original war resolution.
"Odd" that people should want to kick this man out of office for consistently taking the wrong side on the most important issue of the last six years, not to mention (since they don't mention) attacking other Dems for not doing the same.

After a few quotes from other Dem Senators in support of Lieberman, the DLC gives the netroots a little pat on the back/head, and what might be construed as a veiled threat:

Internet-based liberal activists have a lot to offer the Democratic Party: energy, fundraising prowess, a commitment to open debate, and a healthy skepticism about the orthodox liberal interest groups and consultants who rarely look beyond the Beltway.

But if they want to be a serious and permanent element in progressive politics, they should resist the temptation to indulge themselves in mean-spirited vengeance against Democrats like Joe Lieberman who proudly defend the Clinton legacy and warn against counter-polarization as the sole answer to Karl Rove's polarization strategy.

Translation: We (the DLC) are the party, and we will accept your support, as long as that support isn't accompanied by any demands that move us out of our comfort zone, like asking us to actually oppose bad policies.

"Defend the Clinton legacy." My God.


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(Yet Another Anti-DLC Diary)

Once again the centrists and their many apologists have hijacked the adjective progressive.  Soon they will sell a McProgressive at McDonalds.

Welcome to the McProgressive era of Democratic politics, where progressive is now a marketable brand, not an actual politics.

by illinois062006 2006-06-02 04:17PM | 0 recs
Re: Cards on the Table (Yet Another Anti-DLC Diary

The DLC is only concerned about one thing... power.  When they sold out the base in the 1980's in favor of pandering to the center (following the neo-con ideology when needed), they proved that all that matters is getting power for their own views.  They're the ones that have made us "the same party" in some people's minds.  So no, I'm not a fan either.

by jlove1982 2006-06-02 08:56PM | 0 recs
Re: Cards on the Table (Yet Another Anti-DLC Diary

Unlike me, these nice DLC folks don't want to "crush" their opposition. They just want to send them to 'Gitmo.

by blues 2006-06-04 10:02PM | 0 recs


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