Election 2006 Reoort

Election 2006 Report-Casey Roncaglione

I'm going to buy new shoes today. Having worn out the soles of the pair I've worn during the campaign season, I am definitely going to need them.

Our effort here in the 164th legislative district was a success. Ninety Nine point Nine per cent of the people I met over the past year were good people, it was my honor to get to know so many of them.

I did not get enough votes to be elected but I lost nothing.

We did better than any other House legislative candidate running against an incumbent in all of Delaware County, except for the victorious Bryan Lentz. My campaign was financially underfunded and discounted by the state party, that's politics, and things change. Those in my corner were ultra supportive, and had nothing to gain by siding with me except for better Government. Their day is coming. The half truths, dirty tricks, intentional blurring of party lines, and pork politics were hard to overcome. This time.

Overall, it makes me proud to have run a positive campaign, on the issues. I thank each and every person in East Lansdowne, Millbourne, Upper Darby, Drexel Hill and beyond for their consideration.

General MacArthur said there is no substitute for victory. I suppose your definition of victory is what truly matters.

Thank you all, see you soon.

Casey Roncaglione

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