Net neutrality and taxpayer funded wireless

From the business-oriented Advertising Age:

Content Providers Square Off Against Phone, Cable Companies

The potential winners if tiered Internet becomes a reality: the nation's big phone and cable companies, as well as the marketing partners who can afford the tolls for the access required to provide high-speed video and audio. The losers: consumers, who may have fewer choices and could see prices rise for Internet downloads; content providers that don't hook up with the phone or cable companies; content providers that compete with phone or cable companies; and the raft of small businesses and consumers who won't be able to compete, period.

And I didn't even know this was happening here in Chicago until today.

Chicago wireless plan advances

City Hall will seek proposals from private companies to extend high-speed wireless Internet service to all Chicago neighborhoods at little or no cost to consumers, Mayor Richard Daley announced Tuesday...

The City Council has been studying the possibility of Wi-Fi installation for more than a year.

Carolyn Kay

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